Haroth Mask Contest Entry Picture

For Aivomata 's Haroth mask contest! (Haroths are Aivomata's own closed species)

-Edit- I decided to add more logic, it was necessary. XD



Sunrise, not very far from home, fishing near rivers and sea.

Battle, process and materials:

The haroth warrior only fought to protect her own or other creatures, never just for herself.
Lucky she heard the screaming from afar of villagers. She picked up her things and hid them except
the ones used in battle. Up she rose and flew towards the noises where she saw a disaster,
smaller beings picking their young and the rest fighting a scaled beast which was rampaging
the place, eating and breaking everything in it's way. The haroth came in to the fight and challenged
the beast despite it rivaling her size (not suggesting she's small). Seeing how many it had killed,
and the direction it was headed (her home), it was a matter of life and death between the two.

After the battle, she was quite hurt with bites, scratches, gashes and poisoning (poison-tipped arrows,
thrown by villagers first thinking the haroth was hostile) but could not return since her mask broke
once she pulled away when the beast bit her head, leaving a mark on both her face and
honor. Away from the village, she tended the wounds with torn cloth from the bag which
had contained her catch of fish (She ate it since she was hungry and wouldn't like faint,
wounded and without a mask) and carved a base for the mask with a hollowed white oak tree's wood.

The haroth returned to gather things to finish the mask, the villagers let her have
some broken chains that were of no use for them, and a token of gratitude: a long necklace made
of inti seed. From the beast she took scales, claws and fur and cleaned them. From collected items
she had charcoal and with it and pine tree sap, she made glue. With the scales, horns and claws she made her
"Mohawk" stand up, and from the chains she glued each part from behind one of the beast's broken
horns on the side of the mask, wrapping the necklace around them and tying the fur. Finally, she colored
the mask with earth pigment. After the mask was dried and ready to use, she again covered
her face to protect the wound on it and stumbled back home to warn them of the attack and get
better nursing on the wounds. Since her main purpose to go there was to catch fish but she had
returned empty handed, she vowed the next journey she'd be ready for a big fight and would bring
more food than ever to make up the lost time.

The Foe/Enemy:

Based around the mythological creature Skeljaskrimsli: It's enormous, has otter fur and fish-like scales, big sharp claws.

Mask and references:

Mask design inspired by melanistic barn owl and a roman soldier's helmet, and of course, the Skeljaskrimsli. I also took
references from some cultures like the Philippine and Australian.


(I think I overdid the size of the eyes, maybe I went for a more chibi-ish style? The things right next to the face after the scales are the broken horns, not fur. There is no shading to let this be notable but the "Mohawk is supposed to be square-ish!)

I own this design, do not use it without my permission.
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