HP:TB_Sassrelli Ralkin Picture

Another version of my character Sassrelli whome I am actually starting to like more then my others hehe.

This particular version is a Harry Potter fan character created for an RP board called "Hogwarts: The Beginning" which takes place during the founders era (hence his clothing style heh) and the school has only been open for one full term so far.

Second term has yet to truely start do to a lack of active students and staff members. If you're interested check it out k? ^.^ pretty please?

The character is a member of a particularly mysterious and xenophobic wizard bloodline and for the most part he's an enigma to his fellow students. Despite this his charismatic presence and cunning has gained him quite a following even outside of his own house.

Despite what this portrait says he's not in truth as pure in blood as he's been raised to believe. In fact he's only half human, the other half being that of Naga blood.

By Naga in this case I mean the actual mythological beast and not the half snake people you see all over Deviantart which is in truth a Lamia and not a Naga at all.

For those who don't know the actual Naga from Indian mythology is a large magical serpent that can take human shape.

Sassrelli is not at this time yet aware of this half naga blood.
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