I have come to the conclusion that I am discovering places around here that not even a lot of the locals know about. But this is understandable, because most of them would have a very difficult time keeping up to me on some of my power hikes. This is understandable because too many people’s concept of a walk in nature is in a man-made park, or their concept or idea of camping is in a designated trail or campground where for all practical purposes you might as well be pitching a tent in a WalMart parking lot.

If there is even just the slightest hint of a game trail, then it is an open door for me to explore it, where the only tracks in the sand are mine, or deer, elk, bear and cougar.

Maybe that is one of the reasons why I have had the statement to my art business of:

The Art of Becoming at One and at Peace with Yourself and Mother Nature

Yes, the only thing I am going to be wearing is a smile and it is a spiritual, special grounding process that only a handful of people I know understand without making it complicated or perverted. Those that do make it complicated or perverted are usually the ones who could not care less about Nature and then wonder why their world is disappearing and will become extinct.

If you can feel the power and energy to a single stone, then that does not hold a candlestick to the power and energy of being Skyclad in Nature. If you cannot feel the power and energy from a single stone then what about the power and energy from a sacred or Holy ground? How many Holy Grounds, Sacred Circles and Standing Stones are there in the World?

Every religious icon in man’s history had connections to Nature. It did not matter if it was Christian prophets, Buddha, Mormon, Native American or Shamanic practices, or solitary Druid or Witch. They all went into the wilderness a nobody and came out a somebody preaching great things.

Why was that?

Even Einstein dropped out of school and took long walks in Nature where he came up with a lot of his ideas on Relativity.

Those that cannot feel that energy are the ones who do not have any care or connections to Nature or see any changes in Nature. Those are the ones who have an impossible time with this concept because of the fear they live in and cannot find their true spiritual self.

They are the ones who insist on extinction and dictatorships. They absolutely must have someone or something to look up to or they go completely insane with fear.

I am happy to see that the Scientific community is just now starting to catch up to this concept and proving it at a scientific level, and that the Shamanic practices are just now starting to learn the science behind their practices.

All of my fantasy and Skyclad images are based upon this philosophy. All of my artwork is my creations. No stock images are used with the exception of some NASA (Never a straight answer) for some of the backgrounds.

The Universe is very mysterious. It is not mythological or mystical.

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