Drawn: 7/10/11

Thus Yuushi is absolutely and utterly terrified by this newfound POWER, and wonders why he isn't able to use his the abilities he's had since birth.

There ends a horrible paragraph of horrible narration by a horrible writer. XD

An art trade with the awesome ~yuushikun. It's obvious by the distress that Yuushi isn't too pleased that he can't use his lightning anymore... and using that STRANGE, CHAOTIC pure light energy. Why, gotta thank the Gods, especially his patron God Taiowa trading him over to the Goddess Viras.

She just likes him! And has been interested in him for a while... not to mention obtaining a son.

So thus a shade is placed into his psyche.

How he'll learn to abhor his new 'mother'.

XD Since she's a shade ye olde Viras don't have her usual markings here, not to mention a much duller hair color.

That don't make it any less dangerous though!

Kizoku Yuushi ©
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