Ragnarok Picture

All he saw was darkness, the world really does feel like a sinister and forlorn place when one has had their eyes closed for a hundred and fifty years, though to someone undying like him it was the blink of an eye. Darkness, it was his life now he tasted it, heard it, saw it, smelt it and it pressed itself in on him like a blanket, smothering him. Just when he felt he would die in the darkness, he heard it, something other then that which he had known for so long, the pounding of the drums, inside his head, in his heart. calling him. He opened his eyes and the Gleipnir chains fell from him with ease, as if they dared not hold him any longer. He shrugged his great shoulders and howled, his nose brushing against the stars, the whole world shuddered. He started running, for the first time in thousands of years. It was Ragnarok, and the moon was going to die in his wrath.

This wolf's name is Fenrir, who in Norse mythology is a giant (when he opened his mouth his nose touched the stars) and son of the god Loki. The Norse gods feared for their lives because of his great size and so they challenged Fenrir to a test of strength by binding him with chains three times and each time he broke the chains with ease, except on the third try they used a magical chain called Gleipnir which bound him. They predicted that at the end of the world (ragnarok) he would break free and bite a huge chunk out of the moon.

this has taken FOREVER. iv been working on it off and on for a month or so now, but only really had the energy to finish it today. it took a very long time, something like seven or more hours. The story didnt take long though, maybe 5 mins. But it turned out so flat looking! ugh and because i did it over such a long time the fur is all patchy and in different styles.
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