Dawn of Monsters:Hera Picture


Name: Hera
Alias: The Ash Bringer
Taxonomic Name: Fatalisdraco abyssus(Death Dragon of Hell)
Length: 120 meters from nose to tail tip
Height: 40 meters at the shoulders
Wingspan: 135 meters
Weight: 24,000 tons
Means of Locomotion: Flying, walking with wings and swimming
Alignment: Neutral
Rank: 2


-Fire-breather: Hera’s most powerful weapon at her disposal. Her stomach, full of flammable liquid, can be shot out in long streams or even in compact explosive balls that violently combust on impact. She is famous for turning cities into oceans of flame.

-Demon Strength: The ancestry of the species “Crypt Dragons” has shown that Hera shares a lot of DNA with lizards, snakes, and assumingly Mosasaurs. From that, Hera has a lot of muscle that snakes have such has a lot of power behind her blows. This also makes stamina very high, which allows her to keep flight for long periods of time. She can also use this muscle for a strong bite.

-Flight: Hera can fly at deadly mach-3 speeds and with great accuracy. She is agile, turning on a dime and shows that she is master of the air. Using her speed in the air, she can very well spread her destruction over great distance very quickly… or land several blows on one sole target.

-Mutagenic Flesh: A strange substance is contained in the body of, assumingly, all crypt dragons. Its unknown what it is, but it seemingly affects anything that ingests it. Still relatively unknown.

-Armored Head and Back: The entire skull and head Hera has on her neck is actually rather thick and armored, as well as the shell that goes over most of her back. Its thick, and very reliable as it can take lots of abuse before giving in.


-Not a Ground Fighter: Walking on the earth is one thing and Hera has no problem with it, but she is not any good as she would be in the air. Relatively slow for starters, and no speed or advantage of being an aerial striker. Not defenseless, but can not do as well.

-Damaged Equipment: The reason Hera is so great at flying is how she is designed. Her wings, tail and back fins all contribute to a apex predator that is for flying. So when her tail rudder, wings or fins are damaged, it can severely impair her flying ability or even send it crashing to the earth like a lead weight. A busted wing or ripped webbing would lead to a disaster.

Personality: Angry and black hearted, Hera fit’s the old legends of dragons in medieval times that burned villages and terrorized the poor helpless people. Its obvious she wants to burn everything in her path into ash, and easy to point a finger at the monster and label it as a cold blooded demon. However… Hera is in more pain and depression the anyone can ever guess.
No one will ever know for certain, but Hera is so angry and has a heart as black as oil because she is in such pain herself. Evidence in Crypt Dragon fossils suggest very caring parents that put a lot of effort into there young, to the point it’s a strong emotion. Like humans, elephants and other mammals. The theory is that Hera may have experienced a very powerful surge of emotion at the lose of a nest. Or so, the tomb suggested with its crime scene of bones and destruction.
While its impossible to be sure of her personality outside her pain and anger, clues leak out when Hera is resting. Seemingly mourning as she stares at nothing in her rest, and breathing so slow and deep as if deep in her thought. That these random rampages are nothing more then pain that she can only tolerate by inflicting pain onto everything else she can possibly reach.
If only Hera could some how recover from her lose, she may be a very different reptile.

History: Months had past since Vastrato awoke from her hibernation and brief assault on humanity. Ever since, she has retained herself to the great lakes area. From Lake Huron, to Lake Superior, Erie, Ontario and Michigan. Still, no more attacks on man kind. Such rest has cause tension with mankind, while others felt calm. So calm in fact, that some set out to find Vastrato and get close up pictures of her as if she was some sort of tourist attraction.
In the meantime, efforts to make more improved weapons were in the works. Vastrato had made it clear that she is immune to most military artillery, save for Sub-Zero based technology. Perhaps a bigger gun would prove to be a better approach, incase the giant decides to lay waste to another human settlement. As well as guns, a larger version of Freeze Guns is in the works specifically for defense against Vastrato.
The fossil bed over in the Sahara had been dug out, with several fossils of I. suchus to show to the world. It was further dug out to check for anymore possible surviving specimens that also may be hibernating as well; None were found.
When winter set in for the northern hemisphere, Vastrato decided to head south and away from the increasing low temperatures and into warmer regions of the south. It caused quite a bit of panic for those along her path. Everyone was afraid she would stop to level a small town or smash her way through a highway; General collateral damage at the very least.
Her damages were proved quite low, though. She avoided towns and cities, and crossed roadways without crushing the streets and the cars on them. This care to avoid damages showed that Vastrato paid more attention to mankind then most though.
Her migration finally came to a halt once she made her way to Louisiana and settled in the warm state were winter virtually doesn’t exist. She settled down and began to rest, much like the Alligators that lived around her in the marshy land that Louisiana well known for.

At the same time of Vastratos made her way south, Marine and Freshwater Biologist and Josephina Marian had been taking study in the giant crocodile and the fossils of her species. Being a crocodile, Vastrato somewhat counted as something in her field of study and had much interest with her. Even if Vastrato spent as much time on land as in water.
On top of that, Josephina held interest in the size of Vastrato. Why was it so big? How did such a giant species live? What did it eat? How did it nest? So many questions that she wanted answered and no other leads other then Vastrato and the skeletal remains from the excavation site. That gave plenty, but she wanted to know more. Much more. If there was just some other giant animal; she tough. Then, she had the answer right in front of her. Vastrato was there, and so was the remains of a second of the species. Since this was a predator, there must have been other giant animals like Vastrato in the world at one point long ago for her to prey upon. It was the only possible answer.
She found herself even more interested in this subject. Giant Monsters, of all things. Fantasy no more… What else did the world have to hide?

A week after Christmas and the new year 2016 set in, the world came to another great discovery. This time in Central America, Panama. Near the fault lines a massive 7.9 earthquake had uncovered lost ruins from Mesoamerica, most likely Mayan judging from the urban design and hieroglyphs. The ruins went all around inside of the mountain and nearby mountains, hallowed out, a completely hidden sort of world of some great powerful Mayans.
These ruins seemed to tell more of a dark nature then even the Mayan. The sacrifices seemed much more extreme, as there were large standing pyres over thirty meters high and full of human bones, almost each one crushed as if a massive weight had came down upon them and the bones that were left were badly splintered and broke in what seemed to be very violent ways. At first it was though that the pyres were like giant juicers, and that a giant rock would come down to smash the sacrifices set in place. But the pyres were just that: Pyres, set out in the wide open. Something else of interest was the area the pyres say in; they were set like giant arenas or coliseums, with massive gateways that were closed by giant stone gates.
Then the hieroglyphs told a very menacing story. While there was no translator or an effort to decipher the stories on the stone walls, it was apparent what this hidden world was. It was part of the so called Underworld that the Mayans wrote about in there mythology.
The Mayans that had lived in these dark mountains had been here were worshiping a horrible deity of great malevolence and power. The glyphs on the walls showed massive draconic like creatures, eating humans that were set on the pyres in offerings. The theory is that these Mayans were a sort of cult that fallowed these serpents in a sort of religion,
The writings on the walls were somewhat damaged, but from the looks of it, it seemed the dragons were driven away by another higher power of some sort. It was too difficult to really tell with all the cracks and seemingly melted rock, which hinted these dragons may have been real. What else could heat rock to near melting temperature but a dragon? Being something of a major discovery, the US government and Central American government were wanting credit for finding out more of this one in a lifetime discovery.

The find caught Marians attention. This was what she was looking for: Evidence of other monsters like Vastrato. She pleaded to go in and search for more evidence to prove her theory and present it to the world. How could higher ups say no? Knowing more about Vastrato could lead to positive results.
As she wished, Marian traveled to Panama and to the ruins in the mountains. She wasted no time searching the ruins for her evidence. She started with the pyres, the half melted rocks, and finally to the stone gates that were ultimately sealed off.
She realized whatever was behind those sealed gates, was exactly what she needed to do next. She was sure there would be the proof she needed right behind those doors.
Looking around for a way in, it took her a few hours before finding a fracture in the stone wall. On the other side… More then enough to please her thirst for knowledge. Leading a few others through the crevice, she was stunned at what she saw. Several skeletons, all around, of what seemed to be the dragons from the glyphs on the walls. There were plenty of them too, and more! Eggs and eggshells, countless. Eggs bigger then human men that had not hatched. Seemingly they were dead.
However… Before Marian could leap for joy at what she found, she noticed something off the ledge. The rest of the chamber that was left unlit from the torches. They spread there lights up… only to wish they hadn’t.
The chamber had a full alive creature in it. Laying curled up in a state of semi sleep was a massive winged monster, its lazy red eye staring at the lights. For thousands of years this creature had been keeping itself alive in this locked up in its tomb. The earthquake, it must have awakened it.
Marian and the rest of the group quickly ran to the crevice just before the dragon lunged, and escaped just in time. The problem, is now this monster is fully aware of its surroundings and knows which way is out. Within ten minutes of relentless attacking of the gate, the beast smashed its prison open and released itself into the ruins. Minutes later, most of the ruins were… well, in even more ruin and charred with carbon from the fires.
When Marian came out from hiding, the dragon was gone, and a hole torn in the side of the mountain.

Within a day, two cities were attacked and completly destroyed by the dragon. Both turned into a sea of fire with heavy casualties. Reports of a showed that the monster had attacked without warning, swiftly and within and hour had burned a good portion of the city, and within two hours leveled almost every building, before releasing a wall of flames that engulfed anything that remained. Swarms of people that fled in giant mobs were quickly attacked and the dragon, eaten them while they were assembled in such large numbers.
The entire country of Central America was sent into mass hysteria. Soon to fallow was the rest of the world. “Second Giant Monster!” and “Is This The End!?” hit headlines around the world. Vastrato was not the only giant monster. Her appearance alarmed the world, the second fossils made it clear more then one could exist. Now the fear that held the world had come to be. Another giant monster on the loose.
Unlike Vastrato however who relaxed after one day, the flying menace didn’t stop. Each day, one, two, even three cities were assaulted in similar aerial attacks and with such speed, military could do little. Each attack was a little farther north. Precautions were set in place along the predicted northward path to intercept any attacks.
They had little affect. The monster paid little attention to the missiles and gunfire in terms of meeting its match. The attacks however were returned, and small armies were being wiped out with little effort from the draconic monstrosity. A quick sweep of the head and fire breath, and tanks were melted. Or perhaps a sudden fire ball that erupted into mushroom clouds of flame. Even as simple as flying past made sonic booms strong enough to send a panzer tank flying like a piece of dust.

While the mayhem continued toward the US, Marian was hard at work trying to find out what they were dealing with and it if it had any weakness. This monsters release was her fault… at least, she blamed herself. If she had not gone into that crevice, the fire breathing beast wouldn’t have known which direction to dig at.
People in the old days told stories of dragons, but were dismissed as fairy tails. Now, perhaps there stories were so farfetched after all. A real fire breathing monster was out in the world, burning human cities to the ground.
She theorized the Mayans feared these dragon creatures. As she discovered them, she gave them a name… being an obvious dragon and found in a tomb, she named them Crypt Dragons as a common name. The Mayans must have feared them greatly, sacrificing humans willingly to avoid raids by the monsters. The smaller skeletons of the dragons must have been offspring, and what the sacrifices were for; To feed the young Crypt Dragons. Adults like the one on the loose wouldn’t spend time hunting such tiny prey as a human being.
As far as there ancestry, this creature was a dragon alright. As far as a fire breathing lizard goes, it fit’s the bill. DNA evidence from the dragon, dubbed “Hera”, had shown much in common with every day snakes, lizards, and assumingly mosasaurs. So dragons descended from some sort of common ancestor of lizards and snakes. Hera seemed to be something in between. She had the limbs, and devolved back claws. This information was great, but it wasn’t saving lives. Other then all that, this dragon was female. Not that it helped knowing the things bloody gender.
Marian continued her research in hope that there was an answer to stop this disaster…

A week later, Hera had continued north and destroying everything in her way. After so much damage being done, the United Nations Defense decided to put a weapon into test in hope it might stop the destruction. The enlarged Freeze Blaster prototype, called “Freeze Cannon Mark-1” that could fire a lazy beam of sub zero temperature particles and freeze its target in a few seconds.
Placed in the planned path of the Crypt Dragon, it was matter of time. Without tardiness, Hera was right on time. The cannon, bigger then a Tiger Tank, took aim and fired! A success, the weapon was operational. Putting such fate on this weapon that may or may not work, the United Nations were very pleased that it didn’t backfire.
With luck, the beam hit target. Hera was struck and was knocked out of the air with a layer of ice on her right wing. Upon crashing, the world cheered thinking that the impact killed the nightmare.
They would have wished the gun had backfired…
Hera was seeing the color red. The fall and the cold skin on her wing caused it to break. She rose from the dead, so to speak, and turned an especially large ball if flame dead center on the prototype weapon. Several million dollars, literally goes up in smoke and flames in a second. After that, furious dragon turned the entire country side for several miles into ash just out of her anger.
Within a few hours, the wing healed and she was back in the air and with more reason to destroy then ever. Seeing this monster regenerate so fast, made the world feel helpless. What could the nations do to fight something like this?
The destruction continued up to Costa Rica and into Nicaragua. A new disaster to add to the list. Twisters, Hurricanes, Earthquakes, and now a dragon of all things. The phrase was “Well, what will save us? Fairies?”.

Then, after much research and thinking, Marian got an idea. She came forth, after over a week of trying to think of a solution, and stated that if guns and bombs wont stop Hera… Maybe an equally giant monster will do the same thing.
The idea was spot on. Hera was already heading north, and Vastrato could easily be motivated into fallowing military to Hera’s path and given both there aggressive nature, a fight would break out and hopefully kill both monsters and get rid of the problem of having monsters at all.
Marian didn’t like it, but it was her own idea and the only thing she could think of. Nothing else was going to work. Even if one or both creatures died, there would be there bodies still. That alone could yield just as much knowledge.

Vastrato was in the southern end of Louisiana as she had been for some time now. Often resting in the ocean water, half asleep when she wasn’t hunting for prey in the sea. US military would positioned themselves in the range of firing. Not much needed, just a small battalion of computer manned tanks to avoid casualties and a small bombardment to rile her up. Much like stirring a nest of fire ants. After making her angry, two helicopters were too keep her interested by bombarding her with occasional freeze bombs. The idea was to annoy her into the chase and get her right in the path of Hera’s seemingly endless destruction.
The plan would have to be timed to get the two goliaths to meet… to lead them to one another. Now it was a waiting game.

While the United Nations Defense Force had to wait, Hera was still all the way down in Central America still. She, however, was quickly picking up in her game. Several small towns, and the large settlement of San Pedro Sula had been decimated and Guatemala had began to experience the destruction. Guatemala City thankfully was spared the destruction as Hera stayed along the eastern half of the country. Puerto Barrios was no so fortunate. The city was in flames within an hour. After that, she went all the way into Belize and crushed the cities of Belmopan and Belize City.
At last, Hera entered Mexico, and the chaos did not let up. Things got even worse when Mexico decided to fight back, and with everything they have. United Nations begged and pleaded for there own safety to simply evacuate and wait for the plan. Mexico stated they were not going to sit back and watch there cities being burned to the ground by a overgrown serpent.
It would lead to a grand massacre that Mexico would always remember. A very large army of tanks, jets, cannons, soldiers and everything but the literal kitchen sink had set up there line of defense all around Mexico City in anticipation of the living disaster that was heading there way.
When news of Puebla was up in flames, the time to act was then, there, and now. Hera was nearby closest to the now burning city. Hera did not disappoint. She was upon the city within the hour. As soon as he came over the Horizon, military began a heavy bombardment of every possible projectile outside of nuclear bombing. Hera was actually held off for only briefly, before she landed and continued her assault from ground level.
Charging forward, she went to war with countries entire army. The battle wagged for hours, leading from the outskirts of Mexico City and into the city itself. Hera barley took to the sky as she was struck again and again by explosives that were pellets from a air-rifle to her.
Nine hours had passed and Mexico City feel. The largest city in the Americas was turned into ash, with billions of lives lost. The flames reached toward the sky and the entire Valley of Mexico glowed red that could be seen from satellite images. In a very last ditch attempt to destroy the dragon, Mexico did the one thing that no one was mad enough to do. Out of there fear of the dragon, Mexico dropped Nuclear Bombs upon there very own capital city in desperation, but in vein. At first it seemed the nukes did it; then apparent that that she took shelter, minimizing her damages. Not even the radiation affected her.

Hera rested for two days. In those days, she was very calm. If not for her occasional movement, she may have looked dead. She stared at nothing, even at the destruction ruins of the once gigantic city. It was almost as if she was sad. For what was anyone’s guess.
The devastation for Mexico’s capital had left the world in paralyzing fear. One animal decimated a countries entire army and turned a whole metropolis into ashy ruins.
The plan to tempt Vastrato into fighting Hera had to be now. Enough had been enough. Too much destruction had been done already.

Laying on the beach, Vastrato laid asleep and well at peace. She got one rude wake up call upon a small bombardment that struck her fairly hard. She rose up in a fit of rage and turned her attention to the small group of tanks. She quickly smashed them, only to get a suddenly pinch of cold on her snout. Two helicopters, now flying off. As planned, she began to pursue the annoying attackers due west, toward west and into the path. All according to the plan.
Vastrato in route, Hera had already picked herself up and was picking up were she left off. She had no idea she was being set up, even when a conveniently lined up path of attacking vehicles were attacking her and luring her in a specific pathway. Instead of leaving the two meeting by chance, United Nations decided it was best to point Hera in the right direction. Thankfully she was more then willing to fallow the breadcrumb trail.
Vastrato was in route, still fallowing the two annoying pests that had attacked her. Several times she had lost interest. The Freeze Bombs made sure they recaptured her audience. Already passing New Orleans by sea.
Cites along the east coast were evacuated and no lives were lost as Hera made short work of them before heading north again.

Finally, the moment of truth. The evacuated city of Houston Texas became ground zero for the titanic clash of two colossal creatures. Hera made the scene first and began her usual chaotic destruction, turning west Houston into smoldering piles that billowed smoke into the sky.
Vastrato came from the northeast. With the scent of fire and smoke, her nose led the way now. The two helicopters quickly fled, there job done.
Immediately the two sized each other up. Hera stood behind the flames as she hovered, glaring at the approaching heavyweight. Before Vastrato could do the same, Hera began spitting fire balls like meteors. Vastrato found herself surrounded by flames and smoke in a under a minute.
Rearing up on her back legs, Vastrato sucked in a vast amount of air and sent a gale of hurricane like winds into the kite shaped monster, sending the dragon reeling back into the sky and off balance. A minor setback as Hera quickly balanced herself and circled around, bringing a sonic boom past her larger appetent and causing Vastrato to stumble slightly.
Vastrato inhaled again, and exhaled another hardy blast of winds, strong enough to rip a concrete building apart. Hera used the wind to her advantage and returned the momentum into a her tail, bringing a hard blow into Vas’s head. The rubbery hide absorbed the blow, but sure gave the bruiser a good headache.
Hera continued the assault. The flying serpent sent a fireball right into Vastrato’s side. Again, the rubbery hide absorbed the force and the flames found no hold on her rock like skin. Despite taking the abuse, she was feeling the heat.

From a distance, the world watched. Military was on the scene and cameras filmed. Families were watching from there living rooms as the two titans rumbled and shook the earth! Hurricane force winds blew and the sky rained ash. But no one was more focused then Josephina Marian, who intently watched the showdown with high hopes.

Vas had her hands full. Sucking in another vast amount of air, she tried to suck her attacker into her criss-crossing teeth. Big mistake… Hera turned her head and sent a wall of flame down Vastrato’s throat, causing her to snap her maw shut in intense burning pain. Smoke leaked form her jaws and nostrils as her soft throat suffered burns.
Hera gave no chance to recover. She dive bombed Vastrato, and latched onto her with her muscular body like a constrictor and bite into the rubbery throat. Strong jaws, she found good anchorage and began to pull. The crocodile would have none of it. She began using her free claws to grapple the nearest coil and brought down her weight down on the dragons midsection.
Hera screeched in defiance! The long claws impaled her sides. Vastrato was just about to get a good bite in, but Hera sent another blast of flame into her face that made Vastrato pull away. Hera quickly got herself in the air, though was severally off balance from one of her back fines slightly torn.
She was vulnerable. Now Vastrato had a chance and she knew it. Her neck stretched out like a snapping turtle, reaching out and looking for leverage. Hera was slow, but not too slow to avoid. Not that it stopped Vastrato from chasing after her. Galloping after the flying target, she jumped and leapt like a dog that was chasing after a bird. Several times she got close too.
It didn’t last. Hera was soon back to flying circles around her heavier opponent and back to trying to make BBQ gator meat out of her.

The poor city of Houston was being flattened and charred in collateral damage. Giant stopping feet and fire rain was going to leave nothing left. Not that anyone else cared other then the Texas government. The world was more fixated on if one or both monsters were going to die.

The fight dragged closer to the sea with each blow. Vastrato, at her wits end, was really getting herself beat.
As Hera came from the front, Vastrato gave her elastic neck and head a good swing. Hera naturally flapped her wings and slowed herself, making sure to avoid. She didn’t expect for Vastrato to throw her momentum into her body, bringing her body around and her heavy set tail. The result was like a bat hitting a crow, and sent Hear to the ground and skidding through several buildings.
When she rose up, she found herself with a fractured wing and a torn up tail rudder. She wasn’t going to fly for a few minutes, leaving her wide open to being beat down by Vastrato. Yet she was far from defenseless. When Vastrato came near, Hera protested with a wall of flame. Even Vas couldn’t stand a face full of fire, and was kept at bay while Hera was quickly healing.
Soon back in the air, the crypt dragon had more stamina then anyone could have guessed. Now, she was pulling all the stops. Reaching the top speeds of her flying abilities, Hera brought the rain of fire upon Vastrato. Huge fireballs came one right after another in every direction. Vastrato found herself being bombarded with such heavy blows that she backed down toward the ocean where the cool waters would shield her from the scolding flames.
Running full galloping speed, Vastrato leapt into the sea and hide beneath the steady waves. Hera continued pursuing her over the ocean, staring down into the blue searching for where her enemy had retreated to. In frustration she began to attack the water blindly. Blasts of fire and fireballs struck the water with immense force, and sent clouds of steam and smoke into the sky from the intense heat.
Below, Vastrato was sucking in vast amounts of sea water into her stomach. Her insides were still in pain from sucking in fire earlier on. The water stung be eased the pain. Then, an idea! She continued sucking water, more and more until her general form was fat with a expanded, without overbearing herself to swim.

Above, Hera saw the shadow where Vastrato was emerging. Diving down, she was ready to attack.
Vastrato surfaced, and as Hera released her flame… she was surprised with at torrent of sea water, extinguishing the fire and striking the dragon hard enough to send her rocketing. Vastrato had turned air attack into a fire hose on a giant scale.
Off balance due to the hose-down, Hera found herself flailing in the air until she crashed into the beach of the now burning city of Houston Texas. Waterlogged and half choked with water, she couldn’t reactor with any defense against Vastrato; even her fire breath was all washed out.
Vastratos neck extended out and with precise accuracy, latched onto the wing of her enemy and dragged her into the ocean biting and scratching.
Beneath the waves, Hera fought for her life while Vastrato mauled her with claws and teeth, and slowly drowning her. Hera barely escaped by biting Vastrato on the head and hitting her eye. Swimming to the surface, bloodied and broken wings, Hera climbed back into the smoldering ruins of the city and out of breath.
Fallowing was Vastrato. Hera was exhausted but not out just yet. She turned and confronted Vastrato again, issuing the challenge with a roar. Vastrato bellowed like an angry crocodile and the two began again with Hera leading the fight with quick strikes and blasts of newly returned flames. It was kept in rhythem by Vastrato who lunged with her rubbery nec and swiped with her claws. It was an even playing field now. Hera’s advantage of aerial speed was now almost no good with her injuries.

The fight went on until the battle lead to a massive rocket fuel plant on the edge of the city. Hera was not about to give up, despite getting cornered in towers of rocket fuel filled containers. Vastrato was close, very close. Hera hissed like an angry cobra ready to strike. Vastrato lunged, and Hera opened her maw against the giant crocodile, and both went crashing into the plant.
The destruction of the gas filled contains and Hera’s breath ignited the fuel and rocked the city with several gigantic explosions. Both the monsters seemingly consumed by the flames.

The world watched as if seeing the climax of some movie. They waited in suspense as the explosions carried on and the flames burned out of control. Seemingly nothing could survive that. Then again, Hera survived nuclear bombing…
Suspense was so great it could be cut with a knife. After waiting several minutes, Vastrato walked clear of the flames and smoke triumphant. The good news is, Vastrato won! The bad news was… Vastrato won… the bigger potentially more destructive monster. Tired and exhausted, Vastrato walked calmly to the shore and waded into deep water, swimming away and out into the gulf.

The fight was over. A whole week later the world was back to its semi peace. Hera was defeated. She was still well alive, however. No body was recovered from the plant. Government says the flames destroyed the body, but everyone else believe otherwise.
Josephina Marian came out to the public with her discovery and commended for her plan to have Vastrato stop the chaos. She announced herself in a new field of study:“Kaijuology” as the word meant strange beast in Japan, which, both Hera and Vastrato, were truly strange. Kaiju was not better or worse then any other word, so it stuck. Marian stated that if two monsters had already appeared in this short amount of time, then what is to say there are not others? She made it her priority to learn as much as she can about this and hopefully save the world more destruction then it was going to experience.
Meanwhile, the United Nations Defense Force had there own plans and ideas. . .


Whew, okay... After about a week of Vastrato being out and a week of working here and there, and all through last night(Its morning now) I have finally finished bringing hera into my new Vastratoverse Revamp.

To begin with, I decided to make Hera much... much... MUCH more bad ass. She always has been bad ass, always bad attitude. But now she has a reason.
Her design I think fits her. I decided that since dragons dont exist(or suppsenly) in my verse, I might as well make Crypt Dragons real dragons: in being fire breathing lizards that make legend and myth. So its official: My Vastratoverse, Dragons decended from lizards/snakes/mosasaurs.
When sketching her design out, I relized I might as well lose the armored frill she use to have, and brough in a good huge hard pair of horns on her head.

The story go really long. I wanted to drag out Hera's rampaging Chaos and saying we got balls here. Fallowed up by a fair good fight with Vastrato where Vastrato sort of gets her ass handed to her. But bringing it down to a glorious victory for the good guys. Im sure you will be enteratained.

I also brought in Josephina Marian. Instead of holding her off with Shairka and not having any human views on things, I brought her in as my sort of Kaijuologist. She was the first thing that came to mind anyway.

I sketched out small details, they arnt acurate and some art cut off such as the one showing off Hera's new Kite shaped body. So not the best. But it doesnt have to be. there small details.

So with all that said, I hope you enjoy. Comment and review please, and up next we will have a newcommer to my Kaijuverse and a new guy that hasnt even hit KAS. He will be a secret, so I hope you will stay tuned to my Vastratoverse.
Up next: Parrywiggins!
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