[Letter Senshi] Sailor I Picture

EDIT: She was once an entry to HatterRose's contest, but she didn't win and she ended up becoming Sailor I, a villain senshi for Allviran's team at fav.me/d7k6c6f

Civilian Information
Name: Haizea
Birthday: May 31st (Gemini)
Age: 18
Eyes: Green with hints of yellow
Hair: Green/yellow (blonde in civilian form)
Skin: Tan
Height: 5 feet, 9 inches
Weight: 165 pounds
Build: Curvy

Likes: Trying to be quiet like a ninja, action-packed stuff, candy, being able to move around lots, watching sunrises, windy weather, travelling
Dislikes: Storms, obeying stupid orders, having to sit still, staying in one area for too long in general
Strong Points: Air, friendliness, loyalty
Has Trouble With: Very flighty, excessively hyper, focus is pretty short
Dream: To be able to fly

Personality (will be rewritten): Haizea is pretty hyperactive, even on her best days. Curious, she tends to investigate anything that catches her interest. Which happens a lot. She loves space, wanting to become an astrophysicist some day, and loves imagining life outside of the solar system in different places. Haizea rarely has friends due to her flighty nature and only keeps people she sees as allies.

Random Fact: Haizea has a fan from Chinatown on her at all times. 'Just in case', she claims.

Senshi Information
Sailor Name: Sailor I
Realm of Influence: Stellar winds, air
Colors: Electric green, bright yellow
Weapon: Stellar Battle Fans
Attack: Exospheric Tornado!

Fun Facts:

Haizea means wind in Basque.

I chose that shade of green and yellow because Eastern culture goes with green while everywhere else says yellow. Her colors shift depending on her mood and power she's using currently.

Yes, the mask connects to her top. :3

Vulturnus is the Roman nane for Eurus, which is the East Wind in Greek mythology. So... yeah xD

Last thing? Just pretend her tights are the same as fav.me/d7bedk9 because I suck at that type of stuff.
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