Ghost of the Wolf God Picture

"I was the one who was imprisoned before the events took place, though I gave them no reason to mistrust me. Tricked by my own, by the gods, I was subdued in enchanted bindings for mellinia, a hatrid boiling in my soul."

"When I was freed, I sought out the one who ordered my tourcher, and swallowed him hole. His sired offspring then destoryed me, and now I am but a remnant of what I once was."

"You have sought me out, child of my sons, to seek my advice on the visions that haunt you. I offer you these words..."

"Ragnarok is coming once again..."


I'm currently writing a story that has to do heavily with Norse Mythology, though I have altered a few things. 83

This is a scene in which a wolf named Fenrir (the one on the cliff) finds the ghost of the god of wolves, the true Fenrir, who's soul has been wandering the night in the form of black fog over the seas.

Fenrir (jr) has had visions of a ghostly soul claiming to be a god from before the last Ragnarok that was killed by the real Fenrir, and haunts the new one because it believes he will bring about the next Ragnarok now that the world had been reborn. To keep himself from doing that, the new Fenrir goes in search of the enchanted bindings that held the orignal at bay for thousands of years, and eventually it leads him to the real Fenrir (resulting in this scene)

Once again, drawn in Gimp...I really hate that thing, I mean, look at the smaller wolf! It looks horrible!!!!

Took me about 2 and a half to 3 hours.

Good news is my wolves have really improved! 8D

story ideas and characters (c) to me

Norse Mythology (c) the Norse....
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