Levan Sketches Picture

Some sketches of another of my Genetix characters.

Levan is a member of trio of incredibly powerful demons known as "The Broken Trinity". Beforehand, they were known as "The Dark Beast Trinity". The trio consisted of Levan, Bahem, and Zizley. They were demons that commanded even more power than any of the so called Demon Gods could ever even hope too! "[link] [link]

The three were charged with the mass murder of humans (the three were worshipped on Earth and commanded incredibly large sacrifices) and conspiracy to overthrow the original demon king, who sentenced them to an eternity in Tartarus. It cost the lives of many demons just to restrain them! It wasn't until the king stepped in that the three were able to be forced into Tartarus. But even that wasn't enough to contain them! For within hours they burst from Tartarus and cost many more demon lives. They had escaped to a place on Earth which they planned thier next move. They would warp the planet with an ancient stone circle that somehow possesed the power to terraform the planet. The one complication was that it required tremendous energy to power. They each planned to give up much of their demonic energy in order to power the machine to reshape the world in thier image. Bahem would rule the land, Zizley would command the skies, and Levan would control the seas.... They would use the remaining humans to launch an assault on the demon world, where they would mostly be cannon fodder.

All was going as planned, until Levan overheard his allies discussing thier plan to betray him. They planned to use him as their energy source! making the Earth thier own and ruling the Underworld themselves. But Levan would have none of it! As he quickly engaged the pair in combat! During the destructive fight, the three eventually ended up upon the machine, the destruction they had caused had damaged the device, it powered on but functioned poorly as all it managed to do was to destroy thier bodies and drain most of their strength, leaving them as disembodied souls. For years Levan inhabited the body of a large crocodile, regaining his strength back slowly (even with thier drained energy they are able to render a host near immortal). He refused to stay in a human body, believing them unworthy to accomodate his soul. It wasn't until he happened upon the organism known as Dragoon forming in the bio tank that he made the leap knowing that a creature without a soul would offer him no resistance.

Upon enetering Dragoon's body, a figure appeared before Levan within Dragoon's subconscious. The figure wrapped Levan in chains, and yet somehow Levan was unable to offer any resistance. The figure said nothing, and simply vanished. Leaving Levan to wonder who they were, and how something so small could capture him without so much as a fight!

After some time, Dragoon becomes fully aware of the entity within him. Sometimes Levan is able to extend his influence and change Dragoon's body. But these episodes are brief as the chains tighten.

Ok, thats kinda the basic backstory of Levan. For a refresher, heres Dragoon:


Levan is based on the mythological leviathan. I based his spines on the vertebrate a fish, his horns can swivel, so they fold back when he is swimming. Levan is large demon serpent, he clocks in at about 200ft long (the little Dragoon comparison looks a little too large), he can breath black flames and can control the water within a limited area around him (it is stained black when under his influence).

The burn mark is related to when he finally breaks free of Dragoon, but I won't spoil it.
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