Calliope Picture

It has been a while, hasn't it?

This girl's name is Calliope, as the title suggests. Calliope (pronounced Ka-LIE-uh-pee) is the name of one of the muses from Greek mythology. She was the muse of epics, and her name means "beautiful voice." Here, Calliope is a character that goes along with Lyra. The exact connection I'm not sure about, but I planned on using the two together.

I don't have a story on Calliope yet, as I don't have a complete story on Lyra yet. But by building characters, I think I can play with them and come up with an idea of how their lives are interrelated. What do you think?

I can't believe I was actually able to find time to spit this thing out like that. This was actually an anatomy practice for me. Until recently, my method of drawing a human involved the use of shapes and stuff for drawing limbs and stuff and then connecting them. You often see that as cylinders, spheres, and cubes stacked together in how-to-draw books. Here, I was trying to take it one step further backwards and do the "circle for the head and joints, and lines for the limbs" method that is fundamental for a skeletal structure. Considering the stability of her pose, I think I did it pretty well.

For Calliope's design, aside from the blue hair and face, I tried to go for a realistic approach. As you can see, her breasts are actually normal sized. She is not too skinny to support her breast size, and her hips are not extremely wide. I think I accidentally made her torso a little too short, but I think it makes her a little more attractive--more leg out there XDD
Oh, and if anyone's wondering about a stray mark on her shrit (ahem) yeah... I must have been on something, and my inker slipped. >.> How convenient, huh? I saw it and thought "oh well, better make the best of it," and kept going with that. I think it's actually a pretty How about you?

I want her outfit. Badly.


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