Chinese Jump Picture

Kazemaru wearing Chinese Clothes. I have decided that this will be her fight attire. Very Jun Li, ne? XD

I'm sure many of you who watch me have read my recent rant on the use of foxes and fox lore in anime-Otaku "Culture" and how it's beginning to sicken me.

I have decided to not change her species, because I picked her as a fox before all the rage began. All you yu yu hakusho/naruto fangirl weaboos can bite my white irish ass.

Let me clarify, that in revelence to Japanese mythology, because her story begins in Japan's spirit/demon realm, Kazemaru is not in the service of Inari, making her either a neutral/evil fox. For happy fun purposes, we'll say she is neutral, and doesn't have much of anything to do with humans unless she absolutely has to.

Instead (and this is from my own stories, not based on myths) she is in the business of service to what Buddhism calls "the source," what Christianity calls "God," and what Islam calls "Allah." ... and what she calls "Ralph." XD

Kazemaru can leap through dimensions, and will do a vast range of things. Anything from leading a lost soul to it's rightful place to tracking down and destroying an enemy of what is called by Ralph, "The Balance."

This does not mean she is good though. She gets payed in treasure, power (usually to control the wind), or currency of some sort... X3 and indulges in quite her share of petty crimes/sins.

Though, if the enemies of Ralph were to hire her for a higher price, she'd be tempted to change sides.

This also means that Kazemaru has a wide variety of names and identities that she takes on in each realm. Her species may change, or her name, but she over all will usually look the same in eye/hair color and body shape.

Anyhoo, I think I've hammered down this character and finally broken away from anime fan character tendencies.

She's also now mythically accurate, though a bit more vague.

enjoy =3
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