Diwata ng Sampaguita Picture

Tee-hee, this is Diyosa. She's Filipina and she happens to be a Diwata (Enchantress) Well, I decided to make her outfit simple. Filipinas are known for their simplicity yet striking beauty. Tee-hee, hope you guys enjoy.
The Sampaguita by the way is our National Flower. So if you translate the title, it would come out as, Enchantress of the Sampaguita (which happens to sound stupid in English
I don't know witth the text but it's called the Alibata, the old form of writing of the Filipinos before the Spaniards came to colonize our country. I don't know what they mean so I just picked the letters that were close to looking like D-I-Y-O-S-A

I'm also not sure if it's obvious but her eyes have diffrent shades or colors. So give it a full view to see Diwata

In Philippine mythology, a diwata or encantada is a mythological figure similar to fairies or nymphs. They are said to reside in large trees, such as acacia and balete and are the guardian sprits of nature, bringing blessing or curses upon those who bring benefits or harm to the forests and mountains.

Source: Wikipedia

Diyosa Diwata Ganda Santos
Classification: Diwata (Enchantress)
Age: ??? (Appears to be 17)
Birth date: unknown
Birth place: Peñablanca Forest, Philippines
Height: 5’ 8”
Blood Type: unknown
Likes: Nature in general
Dislikes: Insensitive people
Weapon: Long Staff w/ Headdress
“Munting Pag-asa”

Rumored to be one of the most beautiful Diwatas in the land, Diyosa was known to exist ever since the Spanish colonization in the Philippines. Her fair skin, midnight black hair, and varied brown eyes are the traits she was popularly known for by natives aside from her gentle and generous nature – no name, however, established her identity among the people. Under evergreen pastures, Diyosa lived in Peñablanca Forest where she protected the flora and fauna from beings that threatened its life. Years passed and with the advent of the 20th century, the area of the forest dwindled. With her powers, she placed a protective spell upon the forest to stop its destruction. Being able to save the forest, Diyosa sets off with her lover and tagapagtanggol, Paulo, towards Seraphin in a mission to halt the brewing malice that spurred from Demitri’s vile wickedness. Aside from her powerful magic skills, Diyosa is one powerful summoner. In battle, she summons beings from her home to aid her in fending off her enemies. Diyosa was also believed to be the sister of Dian Masalanta (a.k.a. Maria Makiling), a Diwata from Laguna.

What drawing to expect next:
Holly Mae Sangreal and Renee Babee


Coloring Material: Faver Castel Aquarel
Pen: Pilot G-tech 0.4
Comp Prog: CS2
Brushes: Tee-hee, still lazy to find out.
ARG! The scanning came out pretty bad. I hate it. Now the line art looks faded. Owell.
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