Zippity-doo-dah Zidane Picture

Did the same day twice from Coey Kuhn's 15 day fandom challenge because I can. 'Tis the protagonist redesign once more. Also I'm really good at titles.

I wanted it to be a little easier for Zidane to conceal things he’s stolen so I gave him big ol’ poofy sleeves. Kind of imagined him deftly unbuttoning the cuff, shoving jewellery/coin purses up there and quickly doing it back up again. No-one will ever know. Save for the odd bulging and jingling sounds.
Gave him a mantle as well since a lot of images of medieval peasants they seem to be wearing them. Though I forewent the hood as to not cover the Tantalus coat of arms and make him seem less suspicious. There’s probably some hidden pockets on the inside of it for good measure.

I adjusted the Tantalus logo in a coat of arms kind of affair because of reasons. On the shield there is an scallop shell (traveller to far places), a bunch of grapes (usually means happiness and peace but I put it there to represent the mythological Tantalus), and a bundle of arrows (readiness for battle). Though this is based only on some rather rudimentary research so if anyone knows better just let me know!

Rest of the challenge shall be on my oddly specific tumblr.

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