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Name: Kaito

Gender: Male

Age: 22

D.o.B: April 1st

Height: 6'2

Weight: 135kg

Nationality: Greek

Fish: Moorish Idol

Reason to stay: Mating season

Favorite Place: The large reefs located in the North

Forte: Swimming. At great speeds more than anything else (for example, stamina) - so he thoroughly enjoys racing.














xShort tempered




Ideal Partner or Friend: Dos and Don'ts:


1. Feisty- Kaito needs someone who can keep up with him and his quick-witted comebacks and even match them back to such a degree.

2. Confidence- He likes to spend time with people who are sure of themselves and know their self worth.

3. Humorous- Someone who takes life too seriously would be too boring and annoying for someone like him.


1. Unappreciative- If his partner doesn't care or feel thankful for the things he puts thought into he's likely to get annoyed and go into huff.

2. Whiny- Kaito cannot stand people who constantly complain about the littlest of things.

3. Pushover- Kaito hates people who take advantage of others, if someone continuously fails to stand up for themselves it begins to exasperate him.

Likes / Dislikes:


✓Pretty objects or accessories

✓Music (both instruments and other's singing)





xBeing ignored

xBeing placed less than first

xBeing proved wrong

xPeople who cry easily (he has no idea what to do when people cry- and it makes him insanely uncomfortable.)

xPeople who take advantage of others

xEmbarrassing himself in front of others

Before Kaito travelled to the Bermuda Triangle he grew up and lived off the coast of Greece. Apart from mating season, another reason he travelled to the Bermuda triangle was to get away from the humans who not only infested the shores of Greece but also continuously toured further and further out to sea. Since mermaids are a part of Greek mythology people of all ages were always continuously on the look out for his kind, even out in his home in the ocean. This made him feel unsafe, and even scared- not that he would admit it aloud, and once he was old enough to set out on his own he did just that. And the first place on his mind was The Bermuda Triangle.

Thoughts on humans: "All they do is take, take, take! With they way they're going one day there's gonna be nothing left for us!"

Relationships: N/A

Additional Info:

-His name means "ocean, sea" and (to) "soar; fly". I chose this due to his love for racing.

-Has a matching seaweed crown with his friend Marina (Lambehnator )

Rp Methods:

-I'm fine with roleplaying over Skype, email or DA notes. I'd prefer not to roleplay through comments as after awhile the layout goes kind of crazy and it gets hard to keep track of the roleplay!

-For style I prefer doing paragraphs for serious roleplays but if you ever want to do crack I can do that with asterisks!

-A few of the main things I'd prefer not to roleplay is anything related to gore or abuse. Anything apart from that I'd be more than happy to do and experiment with.

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