Pkmn Armonia: Magnet Pull Picture

Harlie was missing a partner...not that he minded, he understood things came up but was a bit concerned at her whereabouts. Taking the robot...he really felt silly with this wasn't a problem at all, it rarely made a fit and quiet....Harlie started to think this might be a broken one, since other students seemed to have a bit more problems with there's. Well anyways, Harlie felt ti best to check the campus looking for his partner.

As he came upon the cafeteria, he still didn't see her, just a few other students. Harlie ignored them for the time being, he knew that he needed to make more friends, but was still quite scared to do so.
Leaving the cafeteria, Harlie heard a strange sound, kinda like a dull thud, and not just once, quite a few times actually. Then the robot magnemite made a buzz sound, possibly the programing tell him to get Harlie's attention.

Harlie looked down and noticed that while this robot was in fair shape and quite was covered in well magnets...fridge magnets to be exact, ranging from letters to fruits. Harlie cocked his head in confusion at this strange sight, then took a seat to then remove said magnets. Took Harlie a minute to remember that each of these robots had a quirk about them that made it a bit more challenging and the Magnemites was there ability magnet pull

Harlie let out a slight sigh as he removed another magnet. He gave a quick look around, seemed like none of the other students had a magnemite so he couldn't tell if this was a common then notice the cutlery in the kitchen not to far from where he sat. He let out an audible more magnet pull and he could have been sliced and diced.

Harlie got up to head back to his dorm, best to remove the magnets there then here near sharp objects. A few more dull thuds and more magnets took the place of the ones he removed. Looking back at the silverware though, it hadn't moved even an inch. Taking a risk, Harlie put the magnemite by the cutlery and found that they did not move...but they were iron based....they should have moved?

The robot magnemite made a buzz sound again, sounding a bit distraught with all these fridge magnets attached to him. Quickly taking his leave and heading outside to a nearby bench, Harlile once again started to remove the magnets. Thinking on seemed like this little robot had a very weak magnet pull as the magnets on its body basically fell off the moment he touched them...maybe having a broken robot wasn't too far of a stretch.

Though Harlie let out a soft smile...he understood having a weak ability...and even for a robot...felt kinda a kindred spirit with this little guy.
"Well...At least it was just fridge magnets you were attracting" Said Harlie speaking to the robot. It let out a quiet hum sound.
Harlie quietly mused for a moment..."As silly as this need a name...can't really keep calling you a robot...though you are one..." He said to the magnemite feeling a little silly. Thinking on all his favorite stories, Harlie came up with a good name
"How do you feel about the name Puck?" He asked...the newly named Puck gave out a seemingly pleased sound

Sorry for the uber long story...i didn't mean for it to be that long just sorta happened xD
This idea came to me yesterday (freaking did this picture twice till i was for sure happy with it) Harlie has a weak ability Magnemite, to go with his weak ability self
Still unable to find my partner, don't blame her though, possibly for the best cause...IM SICK *snorts boogies* so im no fun xP

No one might get my joke with the magnemite's name. I gave him a named based off a fairy in a Shakespeare story (actually i think he was a satyr but wiki says fairy i ain't changing it xD) I made it a joke since its a steel type pokemon and steel is strong against fairy type (also HAHA Gamefreak i saw what you did there...kudos i do enjoy mythology ;D)
I had a different name for him...but one i may use it in the future...if i ever got a 2nd or 3rd character...probably not xD...and two again no one would have gotten this ref so OH WELLS 8B

Enjoy (bet no one read all this...i don't blame ya xD)

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