Concept Art: Parasyte Picture

This is the..... uh... um... It's another one of whatever Pathogen is. I guess you can call them Plague Beasts, though I actually have a legitimate name for them now. They're actually a part of the PLAGUE!verse's legends/mythology now so Pathie's not just some random gross looking bitchcake. I sketched this bastard out at the college my grade went to for a career day. Because it was pretty pointless/stupid/etc.

So basically because their "modern" name is a "plague beast" they thought it would be humorous to name themselves appropriately. Hense "Pathogen", "Parasyte", I'm developing one called "Cyst".... Parasyte is just an unfortunate speller, I guess? Or he/she (it looks kind of masculine?) is just trying to be a unique individual by spelling with "y"s.

I wanted him to look kind of.... fleshy. So I scribbled pink lines on to make it slightly resemble muscle, though I did absolutely no study on where they should go... This is just basically a rough sketch I did in 5 minutes.

I also thing Parasyte has eyeballs on his palms, too, which is why he (oops, I guess it's a "he" now) clenches his fists so he doesn't get dirt in his eyes. He has bipedal/humanoid anatomy in most places, so lord only knows why he chooses to drag himself around on all fours. Maybe those extra arms of his throw his balance. (I also just realized how inconvenient his butt-spikes are for a biped.) Then I wanted to draw squiggly markings. So I did. :'D

I personally think he's creepier than Pathogen, but that might just be because I've gotten so used to her, but I think I might have made subconsciously made her more appealing as I grew fond of her. But if all goes as planned, "Cyst" will be the scariest motherfucker of the three. C:


drawing, design (c) me
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