Christmas shit Picture

Well.. I'm pretty happy with the outcome.
I was supposed to submit this at Christmas eve. I did it.... in a half. Here in Poland there is 5 a.m. (25th December), but I guess in USA there is between 8-11 p. (24th December)

If you are into 'worshiping Hercules' you might be wondering why Meg said they died over 4 centuries before Jesus was born. (That gives us V century BC) I’ll try to explain this if you had different idea.

Well, there are another two centuries possible:

- The film suggest the beginning of XI century. At the “Grecian express” ticket there was a date 996 BC. (They didn’t probably died during the missing four years)

- According to the mythology it must have been XII century BC. The Trojan war took place about 1250 year BC. Heracles had recently died, because the arrow from Filoctetes ( Herc’s best friend) bow hit Paris. ( Filoctetes wasn’t at the war, because of some trouble on the way to Troja). Hercules was already dead during the war so he must have died about 1240 year BC.

- My date. V century BC. According to the history: Thebes got cursed after the thermopile battle (480 BC,) , the Ionic columns were not invented jet in X century. (there are many of them in the movie), when Hercules was with his father at agora there was mentioned guy called Phidias (Grecian statue-maker, lived about 490 to 430 BC)
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