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(Its been a LONG time since I've tried some vehicular design...)

In Norse mythology, Hábrók is, according to Grímnismál, and quoted by Snorri Sturluson in Gylfaginning, as the "best of hawks" in a list containing various other names which represent the best of things. However, nothing more is known of this creature.

The HABROK Project was a scrapped project branched off from ONI's SPARTAN-III program.
The idea was to have an aircraft that reacts to its pilot in the very same manner than MJOLNIR armor reacts to it's wearer.

The pilot, a SPARTAN III A/F (Air-combat Fighter) variant, is placed in a suit which interfaces both with his brain and the Habrok's control systems, allowing for a seamless connection between pilot and craft. Whatever the pilot instinctively wishes to do, the Habrok will respond, the very same way MJOLNIR does...by brain waves and body movement. All the Pilot needs to to bank left, for example, is think about the bank, and as his body instinctively leans left, the HABROK, reading the natural body movement and brain patterns, will respond...banking left.

[This sophisticated interface requires the pilot to receive the same genetic modifications as any SPARTAN, save for size. S-3-A/F's are smaller than other SPARTAN classes to allow for the HABROK's cockpit size.
While not as skilled in ground assault as an S3, the SAF surpasses ANY other pilot the UNSC has to offer, and still better than any non-spartan in ground combat.]

A modified AI in each HABROK assists with countermeasure and defense systems, allowing the pilot to concentrate almost entirely on offensive tactics. While the pilot is still responsible for evasive maneuvers, the AI can deploy chaff, flares, and even guide a missile towards a rear-advancing enemy. This gives the Spartan Pilot a defensive edge, able to focus on his or her objective without overly worrying about his wingman's capability to "Shake the bogey on my six!"

The pilot is mounted in a near-prone position, similar to the driver's position on a MONGOOSE, and accesses the cockpit from a ventral hatch.

The modular wing system, mimicked from the covenant BANSHEE aircraft, allows for unrivaled agility and stability.

Ventral-Mounted GAUSS Cannon and Dorsal mounted
Missile Bay give the Habrok incredible firepower and range of attack.

Designed as an interceptor, meant for anti-dropship and escort/defend missions, the HABROK program was scrapped, ONI deeming it as "Not cost effective", stating that to train and develop Spartans as pilots to interface with the Habrok's systems, mixed with the cost of vehicle production, was a "serious misallocation of military rescources." Eventually, the Habrok's design was dumbed-down and was re-born as the more commonly used HAWK's and SABRE's.

Nothing is known of the wherabouts of the 6 HABROK Prototypes that were built or their pilots.
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