Day's End Picture

He barely had time to greet her before she flopped down onto the couch.

Basically she fell on the first surface she could find. Even though the couch was far too short for a girl of her stature and already occupied. But it didn't matter. She just wanted a place to lay her head for a few minutes.

Earlier that day she had taken part in the yearly harvest festival. Around the dusk of autumn, the people of the village would cultivate whatever they could in preparation for winter and have a big feast to celebrate a successful harvest. Leona, being the go-to source of planning, decorating, organization, and culinary expertise happened to be a hot commodity on this day. So from dawn to dusk the day was a constant touch-and-go frenzy with everything from her strong back to her berry roasting abilities being applied to the actual operation of this feast.

Simon didn't say anything, but he could clearly see her father was a brownie with that kind of work ethic.

Of course, she was only one girl. One very tired girl at the moment. And when they told her she could go and wait until the feast was ready, she went to fetch a few barrels of ale and was simply overcome. Her body finally let itself stop the second she spotted the couch.

And now she lay. On top of Simon. With her breasts engulfing his chest and her strong arms wrapped tightly around him. Poor girl was looking for whatever she could to curl up with and rest. Which was a shame. Since the feast was minutes from starting.

"...L...Leona?" Simon whispered.

Leona remained inert. "Mmmm." Was all she said, tightening her arms around him.

Just then, Claire scurried in in a frenzy of excitement and pivoted on one foot, turning to face the couch, but then stopping in her tracks when she saw the sight of the two on the couch.

"...hey Claire." Simon called out in a hushed fashion.

"What?" Claire said, taking Simon's queue and lowering her intended volume.

"Could you run down to the festival and fetch a plate of food for Leona here? I don't think she's attending at this time."

Claire gave a bobbing nod and tiptoed out the door. The old-timer had already fixed to meet her on the way. He had some other business to attend to at the moment but was sure to be out front before the event started.

Simon gave a hushed sign and leaned back, already turning a bright red in embarrassment. His arm was in her cleavage. Like, his entire arm.

Drew this a while back. Experimentation with poses and such.

Thinking about giving Leona some new duds. The tangerine dress just isn't doing it for me. Maybe some pants and a low-cut shirt. So she can match the multitude of boobgirls that inspired her. Plus, I dunno. The whole 'maid and barkeep' thing. I'm trying to establish she's sort of this motherly caretaker but maybe I can find other ways to do that. I am keeping the bandana, though. And the tits.

Anyway. Messy sketch. It's alright.

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