Argus App Picture

Name: Argus

Gender: Male

Species: Regigigas

Age: 200,000

Personality: Argus is slow and lethargic, often taking long naps between activities due to the fact that he was asleep for such a long time and is still very tired. He becomes irritated if woken up by anyone or anything and will try to get rid of the annoyance. He can not speak english since he was absent for its creation and instead communicates by lighting up his eyes and gems in different patterns. He is very curious about the new world and fascinated by all of the changes that have taken place since the last time he was awake. His is obedient and loyal to those he considers his friends and will protect them ferociously.

History: Argus doesn't remember ever being born or ever having any parents, just that he was suddenly there. He appeared on the mortal world about 200,000 years ago, long before Darkrai's take over. He would spend his time helping pokemon with difficult tasks, especially ones that required immense strength and heavy lifting. Because of this, rumors spread around that he could tow continents with mere ropes if he wanted to. After a few thousand years of service, he became exhausted and went to seal himself where he could not be disturbed. He made three keys out of rock, ice, and molten metal in his image to protect the secret of his location. He hid them in separate locations across the world and built a temple to rest in. Years later, the darkness caused by Darkrai created enough commotion and nightmares to awake the sleeping titan. He went out of his temple to find that the mortal world had become engulfed in an inky blackness. He tried to send out a telepathic message to his creations to make sure they were safe, but he fearfully found that he had lost the power to communicate with his beloved golems. He then tried to bring life into a clay sculpture that lay next to him. His fear grew as he discovered that he had lost that power as well. His fear quickly turned to anger and he set out to find the one responsible and make them pay dearly.

Crush Grip - Grabs the target with his large hands or arms and crushes them.

Thunder - Eyes and gems light up and a powerful blast of electricity is fired.

Superpower - Target is hit with all of his strength. This move tires him out quickly and needs to recharge to get its original power back.

Earthquake - Slams fists or stomps the ground hard enough to cause massive tremors.

House: Terra Firma

Trivia: Argus is the name of a 100-eyed giant in Greek mythology.
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