TWverse: The Second SHE Picture

This is the second incarnation of SHE, the Super-Heroines of Earth, a prominent team of female superheroes that exist in Thunder Woman's world.

While Marianne's team was dead and gone, her dream of inspiring women across the world lived on. While superheroes in general were on the rise, super-heroines were particularly inspired by the message of Marianne and SHE. Most notable were the two heroines Libra and Justrix, who formed a duo of sorts, and were notable as some of the most prominent heroines in the United States' West Coast (whereas Thunder Woman represented the East Coast). Working with Thunder Woman, they gathered together a group of female superheroes from around the world, resurrecting Marianne's dream as SHE, larger, more powerful, and more diverse than ever before.

Their members are, going from left to right, top to bottom:

First Row:

1. Boom Jockey-- Boom Jockey is Ellen Chambers, the daughter of a farmer from Nebraska. She joined the US army, and qualified for the program called ARCHER, a decades old project to create super-human agents. As a result, Ellen became the fifth person and first woman to be injected with a serum codenamed TORCH, placing her in the same legacy as the legendary hero Major War. As a result of the serum, she gained immense superhuman strength, near total immunity to disease and biohazardous substances, and extreme resistance to physical harm and temperature extremes. All of these abilities were far in excess of those of previous recipients, suggesting the serum may have enhanced a pre-existing superhuman condition in Ellen. She is still an agent of the military, her membership a sign of good faith between SHE and the American government.

Ellen is a very gung-ho member of the team, but her bombastic personality contrasts with the fact that she is an extremely talented technical genius, and in her spare time she works as a mechanic and engineer, maintaining SHE's mobile HQ and her arsenal of high-powered, personally made weapons, which only she can wield thanks to her strength and toughness.

2. Gilden Grace-- Gilden Grace is Amanda "Grace" Purcell, a woman who has the ability to cover her skin in an incredibly tough, golden metal, increasing her weight and mass while granting superhuman strength and toughness. After she developed her powers she was approached by Libra to join the team of SHE, in order to give them an everyman who the general public could relate to, since Amanda had not asked for these abilities. As a result she feels like a fish out of water, though the team does it's best to help her feel more at home among them. Curiously, a sister of her's, Sapphire Steele, developed near identical powers, something which she thinks is no coincidence.

3. Gulfstream-- Gulfstream is Rita Valdez, a Hispanic woman and international celebrity. She trained to be a pilot in her youth, flying emergency helicopters for a local hospital. Her powers manifested when an accident sent her plummeting to her death, allowing her to survive the fall. She took advantage of her new powers to help out even more, when she was approached by a businessman with a proposal to use her powers at airshows. She became a worldwide sensation showing off, and it was because of this that she was recruited into SHE, to give the team a household name.

Rita has the ability to propel herself to generate an energy field from her body. This energy field allows her to propel herself at near-orbital velocities, and acts as a forcefield, isolating Rita from friction, g-forces, and airborne debris. She is effectively invulnerable, so long as she maintains speeds over a certain minimum velocity.

Second Row:

4. Halcyon-- Halcyon is Elizabeth Truman, the daughter of retired British superhero The Black Falcon, a hawk-like humanoid who was a member of the first Allegiance alongside the legendary heroes Sol Invictus, Svalinn, and the first Major War. As a result, she inherited aspects of his physiology, including wings, enhanced senses, above-human physical prowess, rapid healing, the ability to exude talons from her hands and feet, a body that allows her to fly with ease, and the ability to project and amplify destructive sound waves from her mouth. While Gulfstream may be far faster, Halcyon is the better flier overall. She grew up listening to her father's stories about the golden and silver ages of superheroes, when things seemed to be promising and hopeful. With her father's blessing she too became a superhero, though instead of choosing to continue his legacy, she named herself Halcyon, both for the mythological bird, and in order to inspire hope for better times.

5. Justrix-- Justrix is Jennifer Suzuki, a Japanese-American woman originally from Hawaii, daughter of a Japanese businessman and an American politician he married. She was sent to study at the prestigious Ivy League schools for her education, and considered a profession as a lawyer. However, when she developed her powers she considered the path of a superhero. It made sense to her; she knew the law better than any superhero, and this combination of attributes with her powers seemed ideal. It also helped that she has a natural charisma and charm, and she instantly became a national and later international darling, one of the premiere superheroes of the world. As a result she struck up a friendship with the veteran superheroine Libra, who helped Justrix mature as a heroine, and demonstrated some of the problems of the superhero community. They both felt that superheroes could do more if they worked together and were more ambitious. Thus, they each went about, bringing in other heroines from across the world. The idea of an all-female team was Justrix's idea; inspired by Marianne's team, she felt that people would pay attention more to an entirely female team of superheroes than a mixed gender group, and that together they could serve as role models for women across the world. Along with Thunder Woman, Justrix and Libra form the core trinity of SHE.

Justrix has a form of tactile telekinesis that endows her with superhuman strength and toughness, flight, and the ability to extend a forcefield from her body to encompass whatever her body is in contact with. She can expand it to repulse obstacles and opponents, as well as act like a lens to focus light and other energies, or diffuse said energies.

6. Kurochou Hime-- Kurochou Hime is Ayuko Nagamine. She is the daughter of a Shinto shrine priest and priestess, who are in fact the latest in a legacy of mystical defenders of Japan, tasked with protecting the land and preserving it. However, this involves protecting and preserving the land and the ancient customs and traditions, not the people. To carry this out, they both wield an immensely powerful mystical force. However, Ayuko grew into a more worldly, material girl closer to the Western-inlfuenced modern Japan, instead of the ancient, traditional Japan of her parents and their legacy. As a result, she was rejected as an inheritor of the office of her parents, including the mystical power. Undaunted, she threw herself into martial arts training, as her parents had raised her to be a very moral girl with a great sense of justice and right/wrong. In spite of their disappointment at Ayuko's ties to the material world, her parents were proud of her, and they gave her a race of yokai in the form of shapeshifting, size-changing black butterflies, that she can summon at any time. As a result, Kurochou Hime (Black Butterfly Princess) has had many an encounter with mythical enemies that would return Japan to its fuedal ways, while also facing off against the newer, technological enemies spawned of modern Japan. Her experience and knowledge of magic and the mythical realms of Japan makes her a very valuable member of SHE.

Third Row:

7. Lady Winter-- Lady Winter is Elizabeth Emory, the heiress of a multi-billion dollar industrial corporation, Winter Inc., and fortune built up by her father and grandfather. In public she puts on the persona of a vapid, unintelligent celebrity in the same fashion as Paris Hilton, but behind the obfuscated stupidity she is in fact a cold, calculating woman who keeps a close-eye on her possessions, even if she leaves the actual management of her company to its board of directors. Her stint as a superhero was purely a publicity stunt, meant to alleviate her near-constant boredom and give her excitement fitting with her public persona. After gaining her powers via a formula developed for her by company scientists, she quickly found out that being a superhero was more difficult than it looked, and if not for the intervention of Libra, her career might've been cut short. Libra then offered her a deal: join SHE, and learn to better herself as a heroine. Given her near-death experience, she chose to look into Libra's operation, and over time has improved immensely. Beyond that, her position as owner of Winter Inc. means SHE has a near unlimited source of money to fund itself with, and Lady Winter's devious cunning has proved very useful at times, though she tries to hide this side of herself from the rest of the team.

As the name implies, Lady Winter has the ability to generate and manipulate large quantities of ice, as well as rapidly reduce temperatures and freeze objects with a touch.

8. Libra-- Libra is Lillian Thomas, blind at birth. Her powers manifested at a young age, allowing her to function semi-normally by using them as a new sense to replace her missing sight. The tactile nature of her powers gave her an affinity for working parts, and she expanded upon this natural talent for engineering as she grew up, even building a helmet that enhanced her new senses into a kind of blind-sight. As a young woman she ended up joining the United Supermen of America, a government sponsored team of superheroes led by the patriotic Flagbearer. However, Libra, as she was now known, chafed at the limitations of what the United Supermen could do as superheroes. To her, they had the chance to really make a difference in society, and while stopping supercrime and world-ending threats was a start, she felt they could do more. This was a problem Flagbearer also had, but unlike her he internalized it, and eventually it caused him to snap after the team rescued a group of American aid workers in Sudan, in the process witnessing the carnage of Darfur. Libra and the rest of the team were forced to put him down, but not before much death and destruction had been caused.

Libra gave up on being a superhero for a while after that, a few revival attempts falling flat on their faces. Then she met Justrix, who had sought out the retired heroine for advise and assistance on a mission. Justrix gave Libra new hope, and encouraged her to revive her career as a heroine. Together they became a dynamic duo, and with Thunder Woman a trinity of heroines. Bouncing ideas off of each other, they gathered together other heroines from across the world, and together formed SHE, the Super-Heroines of Earth.

Libra has the ability to manipulate gravity, increasing or decreasing the gravitational fields of objects around her and herself. She can use this to fly, and as a powerful form of telekinesis, sending opponents flying, crushing them, or pinning them against the surrounding environment, creating repulsive forcefields, and concussive blasts of force. Furthermore, her gravitational powers allow her to sense the weight and mass of objects, forming a kind of displaced tactile sense. She is a gifted engineer, and using her skills has created a suit of powered armor that enhances her powers and her gravity-based tactile senses.

9. Mantle-- Mantle is Moira Casey, a Canadian reality TV star. She developed her powers as the result of being injected with an experimental formula in secret, Moira assuming she was being given a vaccine for a rare disease. Already a noted supermodel, her agent used her newfound powers to pitch a reality TV show starring Moira as a superhero called Mantle. At first she was content with this new occupation, but as she confronted real supervillains and saved actual lives outside the scope of her TV show, she realized how more fulfilling being an actual superhero was than the daily grind of filming a show featuring fake villains and threats created using special effects, and so she chafed at the limitations her contract imposed on "pro-bono" activity. Thats when Libra and Justrix came in, offering Moira an actual chance at being a real superhero. She jumped at the opportunity, and Justrix helped her negotiate her way out of the contract. She hasn't looked back since.

Mantle is a terrakinetic, able to mentally manipulate and levitate all forms of earth matter, like rock, soil, ash, concrete, metal, slag, and lava/magma. She can even create localized earthquakes and small volcanoes. Furthermore, when Moira becomes Mantle, her body transforms into one made of rock and lava. Besides being superhumanly tough and strong, this body emits a great deal of heat, which she can use to shoot blasts of heat or superheated rocks. She can even "grow" more rock from her body, allowing her to create stone weapons out of her body, a shell of rock armor, or even fire off volleys of boulders as projectiles.

Fourth Row:

10. Massive-- Massive is Nitra Gundamar, a superheroine hailing from India. Her parents sent her to Great Britain for an education and in the hopes of providing for the family, but when she returned, India seemed alien and foreign to her. With crime and poverty rampant, she determined to use her powers to help improve her hometown. Her size proved useful in constructing homes in towns, reservoirs for water, and barricades against monsoon floods, while also fighting off gangsters, giant monsters, and other assorted threats. However, her greatest enemy proved to be none other than the Indian government, which threatened to seize her works and arrests her for not getting permits and generally working outside the law. She nearly gave up, but her cry for help led to the intervention of Libra, Justrix, and Thunder Woman, who helped things work out for her. Afterwards she was offered a chance to work with SHE, who would in turn help her in her efforts to improve India. She accepted, and has been quite happy ever since, even if she feels less fighting and more construction would be best.

As the name implies, Massive can grow in height, up to 500 feet, and shrink back down to normal human size. Naturally, her strength and toughness increases with size, but without the effects of the square-cuber law effecting her.

11. Sibyl-- Sibyl is an interdimensional sorceress, tasked with protecting the space-time continuum, or least the area around Earth, from any and all metaphysical, magical, and extradimensioal threats and enemies to it. She operates out of her own pocket dimension, which includes a library of ancient texts and grimoires, artifacts and items of power, and a prison where she keeps all the threats she subdues. Sibyl has implied that she serves a higher power and is removed from the normal conventions of human time, perhaps suggesting she may be ageless, but out of all of SHE's members, she is the least known and most mysterious, despite not acting like it.

Sibyl is the team's de facto expert on magical threats, and against such enemies she becomes their nominal leader. Her role as a sorceress also makes her at least the most versatile, if not most powerful, member, able to conjure a wide variety of spells and effects when he needs to. Examples include teleportation, transmutation, telekinesis, ESP, hypnosis/mind control, transformation, healing, summoning familiars and mythic creatures, and limited shapeshifting.

12. Silence-- Silence is Shirasu Norie, a Japanese girl born to a working class family, a genetic defect rendering her mute. Her father was a worker in debt to the Yakuza, his low-paying job unable to pay off his debts. Thus, the Yakuza came and massacred her family, Shirasu watching from inside a closet in terror. Her powers inadvertently saved her, shielding her from the sight of the killers when they went to make sure there was no one left. She fled, and was picked up and adopted later in life. As she grew older she became more aware of her gifts, and gradually developed them. She also conspired to gain revenge on her family's killers, researching all the names in connection with the massacre. She set herself up as a prostitute, using her powers to manipulate the Yakuza that came to see her. One by one she picked them off and killed them, until all those responsible were dead. Because she was not directly involved, none were aware she was responsible. By this point her reputation for being one of the best prostitutes made her rich and famous in the underworld, but now that revenge was her's, she felt aimless. Libra gave her a new choice, to wash the blood away from her hands and save lives, rather than taking them. She accepted, and now has a new persona: Silence.

Silence is a world-class telepth. She can mentally communicate with others, probe minds, displace her senses, and use her powers to control the minds or bodies of others. By manipulating the sensory organs, she can create powerful illusions, complete with psychosomatic effects.

Fifth Row:

13. Sunburn-- Sunburn is Zelda Schenck, a noted European superheroine with ties to Interpol and other security agencies. She hails from a military background, with a rather authoritarian sense of justice that makes her more of a vigilante than outright superhero. Nonetheless, her powers and numerous contacts render her an important member of SHE, even if she can be grating and constantly at odds with the more left-wing members.

Sunburn has the ability to generate light energy, and by extension any form of electromagnetic energy, from radio waves to gamma rays. She can create blinding bursts of light, see in a wide range of spectrums, complete with x-ray vision, is immune to radiation, and can project and focus these energies into powerful lasers.

14. Thunder Woman-- You already know her story. But in case you are encountering her for the first time: [link]

15. Vedma-- Vedma is Antonia Ushakov, former agent of the Russian internal security agency SETI, or The Network in English. Seti is tasked with protecting Russia and the rest of the former Soviet Union from extranormal, metahuman, and supernatural threats and phenomena. However, Vedma grew tired of the greed and corruption inherent in the system, and after a particularly disastrous situation, defected from it. Libra took her into the arms of SHE, bringing the heroines into direct confrontation with Seti. Vedma has been declared a traitor, and marked for assassination, but for now, SHE keeps her safe from her former masters, in spite of a series of skirmishes between SHE and Seti. In exchange, she offers them extensive knowledge of the paranormal, as well as powerful psychic powers, including ESP, telekinesis, and pyrokinesis.

SHE, its members, Thunder Woman, and all related characters are (c)
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