Tell me a story - Cannibals Picture

The second story I have illustrated for my 'Tell me a story' project, is quite special. I'll bet not many (if any) of you know this legend.
It was send to me by Tommy Gleason (thank you so much Tommy!), who grew up in the area and remembered the story his uncle used to tell him when he was a kid.
It was such a delight to work on this drawing, though I have to admit it was quite the task....

I will not say more, just read the story for yourself. It is absolutely fantastic!

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Story Title: The albino cannibals of Los Gatos

Submitted by: Tommy Gleason
Country: Rough & Ready (US)

I grew up in a town called Los Gatos. It used to be called Forbes Mill, but with all the cats in the hills (mountain lions) loudly meowling all the time, our earlier locals decided to give it that quaint Spanish name. Anyways, on the main road exiting town there's a spot where two statues are set to the entrance to a side road. We used to drive by there all the time. These two tall cats, twice as tall as any man, seem to guard this dark road up into the overgrown hills.

"What's up there?" I once asked my uncle Charlie. "Oh, you don't want to go up there!" said he, suddenly turning and looking at me with wide-set eyes, a look of genuine fear on his face. At once he had my full attention, my ears listening intently. "Why?" said I, "What's up there?" "Well..." said he, "you can go up for quite a ways... At first it's sunny and bright, not too many trees." He seemed to wander off, quiet now, thinking... "So," said I, "what's wrong with that?" "What's wrong with that!?!," he said, "If they catch you, they'll EAT you!!"

I then wondered just what it could be that he was talking about. "But the bears... They're gone! And the mountain lions aren't really around any more, are they?" said I. "Oh, it's not the cats or the bears that'll get ya," said uncle C, it's THEM!!"

But who's "them?" said I, now starting to wonder if perhaps he was just pulling one on me. Uncle Charlie slowly looked me over, evidently seeing the scam I was beginning to consider. "The people up there..." he said in a hushed whisper... they're... they're strange. Something wrong with them." I leaned in closer, not wanting to miss a word. Uncle Charlie knew how to play this 9 year-old kid. "What's wrong with them?" said I. "They usually only come out at night," said he, "but if you get into a real shady area under those trees, they'll come out to get ya!" My eyes widening, I stared at him expectantly. "They're all white, with pink eyes," he said. "They're really, really tall too. They're called 'Albinos,' and they love the dark. They'll sneak up quietly on you, and if they catch you, they'll drag you away to a feast with all the other Albinos........."


(as the story is a bit long I thought it would be best to give a link to the rest...)


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