Ever Faithful Picture

"I am to bring perdition to this world; by my hand Asgard will be covered in Hel bound flames and the cries of your people will echo for eternity…and you…" he paused to gaze down at her with a pained, sinister smile.

"… You would stand by my side, Child? Forsaken all loyalties? You, the faithful Sigyn?"

She looked up at him taking his hand as she was still seated by the fire and he still stood by the mantle. Her eyes full of an ardent love.

"I am faithful only to you, husband… to my beloved Loki." She avowed.

Sooo… i have no explanation for this slipshod fanart but yeah it happened…

this another of my interpretations of Sigyn, if she were to be placed in the movies.
i tried to pay tribute to her original outfit in the comics and decided that if she were to wield a weapon it probably be something like a bow.

doodled this while waiting for a ride from my parents and ended up wanting to see it colored.

i feel like Sigyn would probably be depicted as a character that would begrudgingly take arms against Asgard and would be heartbroken (hence the tears in the pic) to go against her kingdom but of course her love for Loki would outweight the saddness a thousand fold.

also here\'s a random Fic about them:
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