ECHO Picture

Echo and Narcissus
One day, Narcissus, fatigued from his day of hunting, stooped down to drink and saw his own image in the water. He thought it was some beautiful spirit living in the fountain. He stood gazing with admiration at those bright eyes, that hair curled like the hair of a great god, those rounded cheeks, that ivory neck, those parted lips, and the glow of health and great shape overall. He fell in love with himself. He brought his lips near to give this image a kiss; he plunged his arms in to embrace his newly beloved vision. It fled at the touch, but returned again after the water settled and renewed his fascination. He could not tear himself away; he couldn’t think of food or rest, only of the vision. He spoke to the supposed spirit asking why this beautiful image shunned him continuously. He began to cry, his tears fell into the water and disturbed the image. As he saw it depart, he screamed out for the image to stop leaving him. This went on and on for quite a long time, he cherished this image that consumed him. By standing there so long, Narcissus lost his color, vigor, and the beauty that had once so charmed the nymph Echo. She kept near him, however, and continued to repeat his screams of sadness. Eventually, Narcissus pined away and died. The nymphs mourned for him, especially the water nymphs. The nymphs prepared a funeral pile and would have burned the body, but it was nowhere to be found. All that was left in the place where Narcissus stood, was a flower, purple within, and surrounded with white leaves, which now holds the name and preserves the memory of Narcissus.

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