giant crocodiles Picture

Over a century in age, the Giant Crocodile and its mate migrated from Asia to the United States and made a new home in Black Lake. The reptiles 'befriended' an old couple that lived on the lake, and despite killing her husband by mistake, the old woman continued to feed the animals cows. As years past and the crocodiles grew larger and larger, one of the animals attacked and killed a fish and game diver that was tagging beavers.

When a tooth was discovered in the body, a small group was organized to track down what ever killed the man. Kelly Scott, a paleontologist working for the museum of natural history in New York City, was sent to the lake and joined the team in the search. While the first scouting did result in a canoe being flipped completely through the air, nothing was sighted. The second search, using an underwater sound generator, brought the creature to the surface where it bit one of the deputy's heads off.

With Hector Cyr and the sheriff fighting, a bear attacked the group near the water's edge. Upon hearing the commotion, the crocodile struck, grabbing the predator in its maw and dragging it into the water. Later on, Hector, a famed mythology professor and expert on crocodiles, began to swim with the oversized animal and barely escaped with his life, unlike the hundreds of others, this one did attack him.

Now knowing what they were up against, the team decided to try and trap the massive crocodile. At first, the plan didn't work as the reptile crashed the helicopter, but luckily Hector survived the impact. The animal waded onto shore where it was shot with rifles and tranquilizer, but a whip of its tail sent Kelly into the lake. The animal followed and nearly got her, but when she reached Hector and the helicopter, the Giant Crocodile launched itself from the calm water and trapped itself in the vehicle as the drugs kicked to life. While not going all according to plan, the crocodile was put to sleep, but another quickly rose from the water. Luckily, before it could claim a kill, the sheriff used his powerful gun to blow the animal's head off. With the other safe, a team from fish and game arrived to transport the oversized crocodile to a holding place where it'd no longer be a menace or a threat to anyone. 1968, the giant crocodiles live on monster island where they made friends with barugon and giant gila monster. the kilaaks took control of barugon, giant gila monster, and giant crocodiles and send them to destroy London. the humans freed giant crocodiles. later they returned to monster island.
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