Shiloh Fay Picture

Name: Shiloh Fay
Real name: Kiara (Hasn't used her real name since she was 7, but uses it to hide out on other islands away from Marines)
Nickname: Kia (Ace, Shakky, Rayleigh, mostly call her this until now Luffy does now)

Epithet: The Huntress, Stalking Crow, in the Underworld she is known as the 'Furie' like in Greek mythology.

Age: 20, two years later 22
Birth: October 23
Blood Type: AB-
Gender: Female

Voice: Wendee Lee voice for Faye Valentine
Singing Voice: It's a mix with Idina Menzel and Christina Aguilera

Bounty: 230,000,000, after the Whitebeard War it goes up to 400,000,000 after threatening Sengoku and Akainu with the documents she stole and more

Occupation: Bounty Hunter (former), Spy for the World Government (former), Bartender, Violinist, Pianist, Navigator, Singer, and a Thief

Home: Fleur Di Lee
Island Info: South Blue, very festive like Mardi Gras, plenty of music playing, Southern food, big island built around a mountain.

Family: Mother passed away when Shiloh was seven due to a disease in her stomach; cancer. Father is Shanks


Height: 5' 4''
Weight: 110.1

Hair: Waist/wavy/thick length, red like Shanks, her bangs are long and fall over her face, all in all her hair looks that messy sexy hair that you have after sex

Eyes: P
eacock green, thick eyelashes, very pale pale blue haze in the white of her eyes, cold calm stare

Body: I
s really skinny , medium breast about the size of an orange, really pale pale skin due to and Iron Deficiency that she inherited from her mother, short finger nails, light/dark maroon lips like her mother as well

Piercings: nipples,
on both ears have small black tear drop earrings with black crow feather


On both hands-…

Shoulders/arms/chest black-…

upper arms to her elbow:…

on her feet----…

around her belly button:…

upper back falling down the middle to her but----…

Scars: few scattered across her body but tattoo's cover them but can still feel them


Devil Fruit: Inku Inku no Mi
Translation: Ink
Type: Paramecia

Devil Abilities: Is able to control anything that is an "Ink" substance. Writing ink, tattoo ink, pinting/book/paper ink.

"Sink" - Is a move where on a enemies body where she can sink the ink into persons body however deep she wants through their muscle and tissue or any part of there bodies. Very painful, can control from finger tips.

"Wrap" - Ink wraps around enemy and can squeeze them to death.

"Crow" - creates a very large falcon which she flies on and controls with her hands; she can even turn herself into a large crow or multiple crows with her ink powers.

"Bend" - usually doesn't need to say the word but is able to take from any tattoo, book, paper, or book. This collects into a large quantity which enables her to fight large battles. Almost like water bending.


Physical Abilities: Can hold her own in a fist fight, knows how to use throwing knives, very flexible, very stealthy, run really fast.

Weapons: throwing knives, smoke bombs, drugs to immobilize, brass knuckles.

Haoshoku Haki, Kenbunshoku Haki


Clothing: she wears a steam punk like fashion with an assassin spy look to it. All black, some silver and brown tight clothing. Two big belts with pouches attached to them as well as a whip like Indiana Jones whip attached to her belt. Wears five in a half inch knee high boots/heels.I know OMG but hey she likes to feel tall lol. Wears scarf around neck, steam punk goggles that were made for seeing at night or to zoom in like some spy gear in a movie. Hardly wears her leather gloves. Belt with a leather pouch attached to her leg. black pants

Personality: Shilo has swagger like movement in her voice and how she moves just like Thrax from Osmosis Jones MOVIE.

Due to her mother passing away at the age of 6 she has been alone. Closing herself up to about everyone. Works hard, strong since of justice and what is fair. Feels lonely most of the time but hides it. Keep calm cold expression but when on a mission or hunting someone down she likes to taunt or stalk her prey. She doesn't like people seeing her weak because of her Iron Deficiency that she has and takes her medication or shot hidden from everyone. Hardly smiles but does have a cute small smile, hates her father since he was never there for her or her mother. So daddy issues is a given lol, she can love but is afraid too.

Weakness: Has a Iron Deficiency which is mostly known as Anemia.
Red blood cells bring oxygen to the body's tissues. Healthy red blood cells are made in your bone marrow. Red blood cells circulate through your body for 3 to 4 months. Parts of your body like your spleen remove old blood cells.

Iron is a key part of red blood cells. Without iron, the blood cannot carry oxygen effectively. Your body normally gets iron through your diet. It also reuses iron from old red blood cells. Iron deficiency anemia when your body's iron stores run low. This can occur because:

  • Lose more blood cells and iron than your body can replace
  • Does not a good job of absorb iron
  • Needs more Iron than a normal person


> Feeling grumpy
> Feeling weak or tired more often than usual even with exercise
> Many Headaches
> Sometimes concentrating or thinking

Once symptoms get worst you will see:

>Blue color in the whites of eyes
> Brittle nails
> Pale skin tone
>Light-headedness when you stand

Treatment: Since Shiloh is by herself and often gets in fights she has to take a injection to help her body create Iron when she does not get enough from food which is sometimes often. She even takes Iron supplements to help but often she runs out which causes her to become sick.


When Kiara was five years old her mother died leaving her alone in the world which made Kiara very angry as her mother was gone and she didn't have a home she was welcomed in and a father whom she grew to hate. Wasn't until she was seven as she sneaked onto a Marine ship where the doctor on the ship spotted her and took her back to his office where he raised her for some years also finding out about her illness with her body not producing Iron in her blood. Was ten years old when she was able to out smart a pirate that the government was trying to apprehend but was able to do so with drugs she stole to drug the pirate and his crew. With this she slowly was trained to be a spy for the government as she by then ate the devil fruit with learning how to travel by air (ate the devil fruit when she was young by accident seeing she was hungry and the fruit was the size of a cherry but dark purple liquid you could see through the cherries then clear swirl outside skin) she was becoming quite known as she grew older.

By age 16, Kiara no longer when by her real name as she preferred Shiloh in which to cover up who she really was and who her father was as well with her red hair similar to his own. With her Ink devil Fruit powers, Shiloh used it to make her hair turn black. With her growing fame as a Bounty Hunter for capturing so many pirates in under a year. Not only with her travels she also met Portgas D Ace, Shiloh was smart enough to make the connections of Ace to his real father yet she kept it secret from everyone else. After countless meetings Shiloh told Ace who she truly was as well as who her father was: Shanks. Since then both have been close friends as the two would do anything for the other person if he or she was in trouble; Shiloh had to sneak to see Ace as she didn't want her cover to be blown that she was friends with a pirate while working for the World Government. So it grew to where Shiloh began to fall in love with Ace as she felt a strong connection to him as their past were about similar with their parents gone and most of anyone wanting them dead if anyone found out who their parents were. With traveling with Ace she traveled with him to meet her father where she told him who she was which shocked him but she also told him that she hated him as much as Ace hated his father and told him that one day she will have his head; and left leaving her father to his thoughts before he could react.

Yet Ace did not return her feelings as he only saw her as his sister and only gave her the love he gives to Luffy but Shiloh rejected them and told Ace to forget what she had told him. It wasn't until she was 18 when she was trialed as a terrorist for the World Government as she stole important documents that could destroy them which the World Leaders did not want. Yet it wasn't until they figured out that she wasn't really working for them when Shiloh told them she hopes to destroy the World Government for their crimes and let the world fall into chaos; knowing in time that the world would reset itself in a new balance of the world. Shiloh has thousands of documents she copied and hid in chest on different islands so that she could keep them safe until the perfect time to publish them all.

Now, she had to hide as her head had a price and being well known Shiloh traveled to return to Rayleigh whom she met as she grew up and respected ( he granted himself the pleasure of being her godfather which she rejects but silently she accepts it). Even in hiding Shiloh still stole documents whenever she could sneak into a Marine base or ship until she made her tail go cold.

Shiloh made her trail run cold after a terrible fight with Ace as he was searching for Blackbeard. The fight so turned to where Shiloh told Ace where the man he was looking for was and left him never to see him for months. That is until the news of his execution happening where the story takes place. Keeping her promise Shiloh preps for war and heads off to save the man she loves after many years of knowing him even as he rejected her. Shiloh (Kiara) reveals to everyone who she is and that causes even more shock to everyone except for Garp, and the Whitebeard Pirates).

Shilo Fay is

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