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I got bored and started doodling. Originally, this was going to be my fursona Tic-Toc in mop form. But as I doodled, and thought about it more, we'll… that changed. My fursona isn't but is a wendigo by human standards, but the Wendigo (Windigo?) in MLP are different and used at different standards. So as I was thinking about it, I ended up changing the design and colors, accept the heartscar symbol I use as an insignia (shown on her crown and saddle pad by her haunch.) And the more and more I thought about it, I just couldn't figure out a way to make a wending a god guy by their nature and the way they were depicted in the MLP: FIM series. However.. the idea of a "First wending" or at least a very very powerful one, a Queen or Empress placed at that rank by her own choice, more vicious and cunning and ferocious than the rest, there was a villain forming that I sorta got into. Now of course. This is a total AU that i sorta throw all my OC's into. So, allow me to introduce Empress Lepto Lurconia.

Name: Lepto Lumine Lurconis/Lurconia (commonly goes by royal titles like "Your highness", "our majesty", and "Sire/ Dam"( she HATES being called Lumine) Her name is based around the "scientific" name "Lepto Lurconis" that was used in Rick Yancy's "The Curse of the Wendigo" as the latin prefix for the monster in question. And since Cadence's name (Mi' Amore' Cadenza) was sorta similar (lol not really) I decided to put a bit of flair on the words to form a name.
She is an ageless angry old hag.

The form shown is a RUSE. It isn't her real form. (I'll draw it up soon though.) Since all the stories I've read and heard about wending have lead me to believe they are shape shivers, I decided that with my head cannon, The leading and powerful Wendigo can shape shift into a material form to lead ponies to their frozen wastelands, and take the form of other ponies to stir up trouble.
This pretty lady is a master drama queen literally) And has no care or adoration for any others save herself. She is selfish, greedy and an all out glutton for other people's punishment.

So, the way a wending was supposedly created in our human world, is that a person who is stranded in a blizzard chooses to eat human flesh rather than their food supply. Eating enough human flesh results in a permanent stain on the soul and their bodies begin a horrifying change into a demonic corpse-like entity. (There's also another way, less common, a wendigo calls out to it's next victim, and the victim is removed from the area where the wendigo who called it was, and the victim goes basically nuts, because they can still here and see the wending and end up turning into one that way.) However, in MLP: FIM it never says how a Wendigo is made, however the way it attacks/feeds on victims is different. Rather than literally eating their victims, but rather they cause a huge blizzard so ponies HAVE to rally together, and they feed off the negative energy. eventually the ponies are covered in ice-yadda-yadda- and that's the end.
Well, what I've lightly head cannoned for my AU is that, after the pony/victim is frozen in ice, the wendigoes feed on their prey's life force, and call to it's frozen hearts. The more bitter the pony was, the more likely it is they would become a powerful wendigo. The more powerful, the more they can take shape as ponies to cause disharmony and bad vibes within pony communities. (This is possible to change but I may keep it.)

Lady Lumine was once the ruler of a small empire, paled and forgotten in the wake of the great Crystal empire. Lumine would have been very jealous that her kingdom was greatly overlooked. And when Sombra took rule, I can only imagine that she would lead her army to "save" the empire. (Meaning she blindly led her people into a trap or something, thinking it would be easy to overthrow sombra, and then her kingdom would get recognition for the "rescue" of the empire.) However she and her people attacked with arrogance, and most of them were probably wiped out. Lumine was given a scar on her mouth, where her war regalia reigns were caught on a black crystal, or rock that jutted from the ground and caused the bit of her bridal to tear open her jaw. (Happened during a retreat most likely.) upon returning to the empire mortally wounded, a great blizzard had covered the land. The families of the soldiers were upset their ruler had sent them into a fight they weren't part of to aid an empire that was ruining the trade of their own. When the few survivors returned they were all resentful of the empress, and of the crystal empire. None more so than the Empress herself. She loathed the Crystal Empire, the Royal Princess who hadn't come to her aid, her soldiers who were so weak, the empire she ruled that had never been good enough, but of all these, she had such deep anger and hatred for herself- more than all the ponies of her Empire- for her own greed that cost the lives of so many. Eventually, the kingdom had frozen over, and all that was left was the Empress's throne room. And in her own hatred for herself and for the Crystal Empire, she vowed to ruin other's reign, just as hers had been ruined. And Eventually she became a Wendigo.

So, as the self-appointed Empress of the wendigo, Lurconia is capable of transforming into any pony at will. However she has the sick habit of luring lost ponies into the tundra surrounding her old Empire. She takes the form she once owned, and leads them into the depths of the frozen castle and in the throne room she hypnotizes them with one last dance, and freezes them. Adding them to the many others she's lured into the throne room. >gosh I'm getting a ton of awesome visuals for a wordless short comic from this lol so maybe expect a doodle of a few of these.<

I may change her main and tail color, because I noticed she looks a bit too close to Celestia. (At first I was like "oh hey that makes sense, because if she is luring ponies into her kingdom, they won't be afraid or try to run form Celestia." But that's kind of too much so… I'll probably make her mane and tail color different too. at some point. But I want the color's to stay a frozen, wintry cold pallet.

Character and art © me, Mandy J Wyatt
MLP: FIM is © Hasbro, with the design and television adaptation credited to Lauren Faust.

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