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Circe’s magic will almost certainly get you killed if you go in there unarmed.” Odysseus rolled his eyes as Hermes stood before him, briefing his younger brother on how he was to rout Circe, the ruthless and guileful, goddess of magic. He could deduce it himself, however, Hermes seemed adamant. “Thats why I have enlisted you some help-”

“-I don’t need ‘help’. Who could help me? Who could-”

“Odysseus!” Hermes bellowed, “We’re not here to debate your skills of defense. You are taking this help, because this is the only help available. You will not question it.” Hermes had compelled Odysseus into an irked silence. His mouth pressing into a straight line. Hermes continued: “There is one thing that can help you in your endeavors and One thing that will protect you,”

“I don’t need pro-” Odysseus began before Hermes gestured a hand to his left, where, from behind the pillar of Hermes’ personal quarters, a woman appeared. Stopping his speech in his tracks.

He knew she was not a God, no, she looked...wrong somehow.

The woman’s face was like a soft heart in shape, the angles of her skull beneath the porcelain - almost translucent - skin, were not acute. All though most of her face seemed to have a subdued quality, this pattern was left behind with her eyes.
They were vigorous. Searching. Intelligent. Odysseus was hardly given an opportunity to say people were intelligent, next to his brilliance everyone else were seemingly ‘goldfishes’, as Hermes had once put it. However, this woman seemed to simply radiate a certain astuteness.
The eyes which made him aware of her apparent mental capacity couldn’t be described as a ‘kaleidoscope of colours’, no, they weren’t the most alluring pairs of orbs he had ever seen. They were the same chestnut brown as her hair, which flowed down, past her shoulders in soft twists and turns. Both her eyes and hair held a warm quality. The cliche ‘eyes are a window to the soul’ was probably the most useable here, for even a blind man would be able to see her heart through those eyes.
Her lips and mouth echoed his suspicions that she was not a goddess. They were miniature, making him lean towards the possibility of elfin or nymph relations. Her nose was almost like an acorn or a thimble had placed itself there, then her mouth was a similar shape to her face, a heart, a soft, thin bow. The entirety of her lips were a deep blush, in stark contrast to her skin.
Although she held her petite frame well, her attentiveness was overridden with a shy stupor that was expected, having being thrust into such a situation.

She glid to Hermes’ side, the black and white gradient chiton she was wearing gently quivering with the movement.

“This is Moly. The only person who can protect you from Circe’s Sorcery. She will join you on your journey.” Hermes finalised, presenting her to me as if she were some form of gift.

Even though Odysseus couldn’t bring his mind round to even beginning to understand how such a minute creature could posses such powers, powers that could out-do Circe, he felt a subconscious pull towards this ‘Moly’.

“I will allow it Hermes.” He professed, turning from their company.


Yeah sooo…I have a sherlolly fanfiction tumblr… (I havent updated it for ages, but I'm on it, I swear) and this was a prompt sent to me by 'sherlolly-is-jolly' (go and check out that blog too, very sherlolly), but I'm just posting it on here because i liked it and I'm working on some more of the fic
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