Dev'yant Arte Map Picture

Behold ye the Isle of Dev'yant Arte. An island whose inhabitants share in common a brilliant creativity unlike that found on any of the other lands of the world. Artists and writers come from all the far flung reaches of the inhabited regions to become a part of the unique populace of this one of a kind place.

Haha, jokes aside, I'm rather proud of this. I've been doing it on and off for a while ever since the dev-wear contest. I'm just lazy like that.

A few notes you might find interesting:

- I used no fonts, all the letters were either written on the spot (the map title) or drawn, vectored, and pasted onto the map one by one (the region names)

- The mountains aren't a brush. I drew a few mountains similar to ones found on old maps, and then altered and repeated them on the map.

- Yes I know the chat is no longer called dAmn, but I liked that name when it was around so that's what I went with. Plus the size of the regions bears no relevance on the importance of the art types, I did it purely on where I could fit the words. Sorry If your preferred medium isn't mentioned but I only had so much patience.

Anyhow I view this as a sort of tribute to Deviant Art. I know that I have benefited from showcasing what I can do, and I know others have benefited even more. Not to mention all the people I've had the chance to interact with. For all it's faults this is a brilliant site and I for one am glad I'm a part of it. And this is kind of how I see it, and Island in the internet ocean. I know I'm not the first person to have this idea, but I hope I execute it originally...
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