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After months and months of my computer being broken, it's back and healthy again. So, I am finally getting around to do the influence map meme that I've been wanting to do since the first time I saw it months ago.

So, here we go;

1. Love and Rockets - A comic I discovered when I was about 12 at the local library. I fell in love with Jaime Hernandez's art like no other. If you want to know who got me into indie comics, this is the guy. His art just shines in black and white.

2. Archie Comics - Before Love and Rockets, there was Archie Comics. (Who, turns out, were a major influence on Hernandez as well.) I started to read them back when I was nine. My Dad was out to sea and my Mom had moved my sister and me to my Grandparents' in Puerto Rico. Now my Spanish was poor back then. It still is though I can somewhat understand it. Stuck in a place where Punky Brewster was dubbed in Spanish, my Mom used to take me weekly to the Navy exchange and pick up a couple of issues of Archie comics. By the time we left the Island, I had boxes and boxes of comics. Not to mention, tons of scrap papers of me trying to draw Jughead, Archie, Betty and the rest.

To this day, I want a Jughead beanie.

3. John Singer Sargent - Huge modern influence. I love how he manages to capture the soul in his portraits.

4. Jaimie Hewlett - Tank Girl! During my teens, I wanted to be Tank Girl so badly. To this day, I still want to drive a tank. And Hewlett's Gorillaz has been just as big as an influence. But TG will always have a special place in my heart.

5. Leonardo Da Vinci - Do I really need to explain this? The man could draw the most amazing faces. I actually like his drawings more than his paintings. I know. I know.

6. Jacques-Louis David - I love how he does clothing and the folding of fabric. You know it's a flat painting but that doesn't stop the urge to reach out and touch the fabric as if you could.

7. Lewis Carroll - Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. Favorite books as a child. I burned through so many editions. Mostly due to destroying the spine.

8. FLCL - I couldn't make an influence map without putting down one anime reference. And this one is the biggest. It's what I compare all of the other anime I watch against. Great art, music, humor and storyline. The art design tends to sneak into my own art from time to time.

9. Bauhaus - This is what I listen to when I write, no matter what genre I am writing. Horror. Drama. Humor. The soundtrack is the same.

10. Harry Potter - If you are reading this then there's a good chance you've seen the rest of my gallery. So, yeah, Harry is a big influence.

11. Killing Joke - Favorite band. No wavering. No wishy-washiness. Just my favorite band since I was 16. It's what I listen to when I draw. (As well as write.)

12. World Mythology - A fountain of creative ideas which I steal from like a bandit. If I am stuck for a story plot, I turn to the myths and see what I can grab from there.

13. Ray Banks and hard boiled fiction in general - These type of books have influenced how I write dialog like no other. Go on, read a few of my short stories. It sounds like noir fiction, doesn't it? Even when it is not.

14. Tom Waits - The other guy I listen to when I write. His lyrics have also influenced my dialog. His voice is like a fine steak and potatoes for my brain.

And there you go. My influence map.

Thanks for reading.
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