MH: Gargoyle Picture

Name:He dosen't have a name but people call him "BloodSpill" or "Bloodshead"

Age: Unknown...

Gender: Male

Species: Gargoyle

Occupation/role: eating students, Misery High roof tops

Orientation: Unknow to all (no one wants to ask)

Relationship status: lone gargoyle..

Likes: Eating students, flying, Night time, being alone

Dislikes: daytime, tuning into stone

Personality: The Gargoyle of MH is a mean one. He isn't like other Gargoyle who are nice. He is mean, selfish, ignorant, cunning, and a man eating Gargoyle.

Bio: Not many know of the Gargoyle of MH. He's been at MH for some time but some don't know of him. Gargoyles were placed on buildings to protect the buildings. In Mythology, Gargoyles come alive at night, presumably to better gaurd off the builing.
Bloodshead or Bloodspill, was placed on top of MH rooftops 10 years ago. Ever since then, he's been coming to life. BS has been killing students. When he turns to stone during the day, many find Blood around him. Hence his name. BS hates the day for that is his is weakest point of living. BS, till this day, is still killing students and eating them for his meal. Be warned...for whatever student wonders onto his will be there last walk...


mmmmmkay....Here is the Gargoyle that I said I would do....He looks really neat and I like how he tuned out. I'm going to work more on his BIO and his personality, so don't tell me I need more
So...I hope he looks like a good/bad Gargoyle for MH....for which I like him

gargoyles (c) to Disney
#MiseryHigh (c) to *Goldenkitsune-Queen
Gargoyle (c) to me
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