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Updated 9/23: There were more flaws here than I had originally thought. My thanks to NikNaks93 for pointing them out! This is thus version 3.2 over the old 3.1, and again, hopefully the final update.

On a side note? See how the bottom of the two-halves of Izaga vanish off-screen? Expect to see Southern Izaga, the Ashido Region, once I'm done with the Izaga Dex next year.

The mythology has only just begun, and Izagi and Izami were not alone in the beginning.


In the ancient past, the Izaga Region was created from little by the Isle Creation Duo, Izagi and Izami, and populated by many of their children; the Yomi Trio, Kyotsuka, Ohirasu, and Hayasusa; the Orochi Duo, Organagi and Nagonagi; and many others, including Ohirasu's guardian wolf, Eromi.

When Orgagani stirred up chaos unending in his drunken campaigns and finally wounded Ohirasu, Hayasusa took it upon himself to carve the land apart and trap-eternally the snake kami by himself and those who followed him away from the rest of Izaga.

The pain of his act saw Izagi and Izami enter into conflict over the justness of it, and in the end, when no agreement could be met, they broke apart and settled into the divided continent until their spirits merged into the land.

In anguish over his actions, Hayasusa deemed himself unworthy of walking the land among his siblings and lessers, and repeated his crime on the north-western shores, condemning himself to eternal exile the same as Organagi.

Ohirasu sealed herself away within a distant cave, unable to bare the regret caused by such a small wound to her form, and Eromi melted into the mountains surrounding it, ever-watchful of his mistress.

Kyotsuka fled far out of sight, secluding herself and those who followed her in the deepest lake imaginable.


The Izaga Region is situated far to the south-west of the other major regions throughout the world. The nearest land to it is the fabled Far Away Island, and even that is over a hundred nautical miles to the east.

In more modern history, the legendary kami that once resided upon Izaga are considered little more than myth, and tribes of humanity have taken up rule.

The few believers in those myths are the infamous Cult of Izaya, and they have gone beyond mere debate and political subterfuge into open-war in their efforts to revive those kami again.

Due to the split down the middle, most official records have likewise divided up the region into two; Western Izaga, and Eastern Izaga, and as such a trainer need only Five Badges to come before the League; three from their home side, one from the opposite, and one from the top or bottom of Drakonwomb Island in between where the Izaga Conference is held bi-annually.

Starting at the top-left and moving across, than down to the next level at the left and repeating until reaching the bottom right corner.

Erom Range; a small mountain range set deep into the ground, about which a diminutive set of ponds act as a focal point to the north-east. Legends indicate it is shaped after the body of the legendary guardian kami, Eromi, the wolf of Ohirasu herself.

Erom Village; a relatively secluded village where old tales are kept alive in oral tradition. It is installed deep into a maze of underground caverns, but hardy trees with deep roots can be found on many levels. Gym Leader Rhuric runs his Gym out of the heart of the isolated domain.

Tsuraigan Lake; an angular lake just beneath the Ennounoou Mountain range. It is here that Izagi sank into the terrain, and where legend speaks of as the point where he looks out from his tormented dreams.

Ennounoou Mountains; a steep set of spires and pillars of stone jutting into the sky. The city of Ennou was founded there by outcasts from the original human tribes to settle into Izaga long ago.

Ennou City; A sprawling city carved out of the stone of the aforementioned Ennounoou Mountains, it is connected together across the yawning chasm between by great rope and wooden bridges. Despite its old-timey feel, modern science has installed many amenities and luxuries, like electrical lights and running water, and the Gym Leader Ashor recently constructed his Gym there.

Templus Ex Hokuto; one of three great obsidian towers scaling into the heavens, they thrive with an unnatural energy, and hollow voices are said to ring and echo among them when a thunderstorm approaches. The lost Hokuto brothers are said to inhabit them at the highest peak, and on clear nights, when the stars are bright, the Light they represent shines between the towers distantly.

Massugu City

Mieru City;

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Thulhurai Island; the island that Hayasusa carved from the Eastern flank of Izaga and took as his refuge and exile. It can only be docked at between certain days of the month, and in certain months of the year.

Drakonwomb Island; the domain of the Izaga League Elite Four, it is home to ferocious Dragon and Wyvern type fakemon, and is where Organagi was trapped by Hayasusa long ago. Terrible whirlpools swirl around it, for which the name of the nearby Uzushio lake was named, and few swimmers are capable of enduring the passage for long. Two Gyms may be found at its top and bottom.

New Ihlysian; the largest city situated upon Western Izaga, it is home to Professor Aspen and many revived fossil fakemon. A Gym is also found here.

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Fishbone Lakes; three lakes pressed closely together by the ocean upon Western Izaga. It is said that many ancient oceanic fakemon fossils may be discovered here.

Izaga League; home to the Five Heralds, the leaders of the Izaga League, the Elite Four and Champion.

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Hakurori City; a great city besieged beneath constant winter from the nearby frozen lake, from which it takes its name. Fire type pokemon and fakemon roam the city streets keeping the lamps burning and making sure that no one succumbs to the cold.

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Hakurorrim Lake; a frozen lake situated on Eastern Izaga to the south-east.

Karden District; a mountain range shaped like a twisted heart. It trembles and sends tremors throughout it whenever a thunderstorm approaches, rumbling even the Fishbone Lakes nearby. It is the resting place of Izami's body, where she sank into the terrain after separating from Izagi thousands of years ago.

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I've still got to finish naming the towns, cities, and villages scattered about, as well as the Gyms, but here it is; the finished map of the Izaga Region! I'm quite pleased with it.

Town/city markers and route colors (c) Nintendo
Topography/lay of the land (c) ZedKalEios
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