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Sólo como apunte: "Duat: La Duat era el inframundo de la mitología egipcia, el lugar donde se celebraba el juicio de Osiris, y donde el espíritu del difunto debía deambular, sorteando malignos seres y otros peligros. En otras palabras, el duat es el mundo espiritual/de los sueños en el que viven los Dioses"



Panel 1:
Héctor: I just have been away for a few minutes and I find you playing your old tricks. Did you think I wouldn't notice it? I told you to stay quite and unnoticed. Is there any word you don't understand in that sentence?

Panel 2:
Alex: Praise to the Sky Lord, nothing stay out from his knowledge's barriers. I swear I noticed your fierce eye on my neck....literally.
Héctor: Stop sayin' nonesense. What were you doing?
Alex: Friends
Héctor: Yeah, of corse. More like girl-friends. Who's she?
Alex: You may have a lazy eye, but you don't miss anything.

Panel 3:
Alex: Is that woman, the green-headed one.
Héctor: Yeah... difficult not to see her...
Alex : Yup! She call herself Lima (lime). Very appropiate, don't ya think? Judging her physique I'd say she's on its 30th, and her scent exposes me that she may live in the south neighborhoods, where there's as many factory's sulfur's impregnatin' the air as many drugs runin' thru the streets.
Hector: She's just a Little sewer's rat. Why so much interest in her?
Alex: That little "sewer's rat" has an amazing hability to jump to the "duat".

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