Lex Ferenda - Torin Calhoun Picture

Name: Torin Calhoun

Age: Sixteen

Year: Fifth

House: Ravenclaw

Birthday: June eleventh

Nationality: Irish/Argentine

Status and orientation: Single and heterosexual

Height/Weight: 181 Cm / 72 Kg

Gender: Male


Redwood, Dragon, Supple, roped, 14 1/4 inches

Spell list:

1. Relashio - Forces someone or something binding the caster to release - it can break the grip of a hand or unfasten chains or ropes. It has also been used as a defensive charm, and in skilled hands can have concussive effects.
2. Stunning spell - Stupefy - Stuns victim. If used too forcefully, it will put the victim in an unconscious state.
3. Body-Binding Curse - Petrificus Totalus - A curse that completely, but temporarily, paralyzes the victim. It is relatively simple to dispel, and difficult to pull off against an experienced wizard, but the results are often worth the trouble.
4. Protego - The Shield Charm causes minor to moderate jinxes, curses, and hexes to rebound upon the attacker. (second year spell)
5. Silencio - Makes something silent.
6. Counterspell - Finite Incantatem - Counters or cancels a spell as it is being cast.
7. Rennervate - A moderately complex healing charm, which causes an unconscious subject to awaken. Some conditions, such as powerful magically-induced unconsciousness, are non-responsive.

Extra-curricular/elective classes:


- Care of magical creatures
- Quidditch (Going for beater)
(Note: If he doesn't make the Qudditch team he'll have magical theory)


- Study of ancient runes
- Muggle Music (sings opera - Bass)


||Intelligent||Fragile||Snippy||Lonely||Resourceful||In over his head||Rational||Helpful||Loves animals||Sporty||

“Nothing good ever happens to me.”

Intelligent and with a glint of mischief in his eyes, Torin is the sort of boy who is too clever for his own good. Supposedly in his rebellious phase of life, though all it really does is make him snippier and more likely to loiter around places he really shouldn’t. He caves into peer pressure on occasion, this leads him to do things that are uncharacteristic for him in order to please people and drop the rational aspects of his personality. It is very easy to use him, as long as it isn’t obvious to him. Sometimes he likes to challenge the boundaries of rules, to see how much he can get away with without getting into trouble.

Torin is level headed academically, he stops to rationalise things and most of the things he does is with purpose. He has a deep desire to be appreciated by others, and will often bite off more than he can chew in order to help people. He is straight and to the point, sometimes so much that he lacks a bit of tact when he gets carried away. He tries to get a mix of as many different skills as possible, sometimes in his spare time he exercises to clear his head.

Because of his nature, he rarely accepts when he is wrong. To argue with him you need to be level headed, otherwise he will write off your thoughts and impulsive. This makes him a tad stubborn, adding on to the fact that he is a backseat driver he’s bound to drive at least a few people a little crazy. Oftentimes when backseat driving does nothing he will try and force matters into his own hands, he is fairly controlling.

Torin is an incredibly lonely person; he keeps many people at arm’s length and confides in few. His ego is easily crushed because of the way it has been inflated over the years by his parents. He was set up to a standard that he has difficulty coping with. As such he is subject to some fits of sadness, anger and helplessness. He has difficulty enjoying the hobbies that he used to enjoy, and wears a fake air of confidence. This is a side that only people he confides in will see in him.

Sometimes he sees himself as a burden, and he isn’t very keen to talk about it to his parents or anyone outside of his close circle. The more he works, the more it doesn’t feel like it’s enough. His deepest fears are rejection and isolation; he tries his best to mitigate these things by push himself into work so he stops focusing on negative aspects. He just can’t ever seem to satisfy his desire to get better, he’s never good enough he figures. He can’t ever take compliments to heart. He mostly sees the bad things, rarely focusing on the good.

He aspires to become a teacher or professor. He can’t help but cry and get worked up when animals die or are killed.


Torin was born to Claus Calhoun, a pure blood father, and Abella, a muggle mother. His family came from a moderately stable background, and income that allowed a moderately comfortable life. Torin was never left wanting for anything, but never spoiled with monetary object either. His mother was born to a relatively poor family, and desired not much more than to climb the social and economic ladders. Claus’ family had maintained their civility towards Abella since Torin could remember, however it was always dully noted that there was a glint of disdain. Disdain subtle directed towards both Abella and Torin, though Claus would later remark on his hypocritical family. Some generations back they were all related to a muggle down the line, they were just not keen to accept it and would quietly disapprove.

He lived much of his life Britain, but he had been able to travel with his parents some. He had seen other parts of the world, vacations, marvels, breathtaking places. Back at home everything was simple, idyllic, neighbours had nothing to comment or gossip over. Torin’s magical abilities manifested as they would for the average child, leaving his father with very little to worry about. He always had one foot in the magical world, and the other in the muggle world. His father was a moderately known herbologist, his job space is quiet and he does well enough. His mother is music teacher and teaches muggle music as a tutor, this is where Torin gets his musical talents from.

From an early age his parents heavily emphasised the importance of his education, and Torin could never work out that parents were trying to live through him. It would only be in his mid-teens that he would feel a little bit of resentment bubbling up inside him for it. He views his early childhood as lost to them. His parents were overbearing, and fastidious leaving Torin with little space to do anything but to comply. His mother often remarked that he was bound for greatness, the smartest, and he would come to realise that much of this treatment stemmed from her need to see her son succeed and prove Claus’ family wrong.

It was at the age of 10, just before his eleventh birthday that he would receive his first Hogwarts letter. He remembered the owl it was delivered by, a brown speckled animal, later he’d figure that it was a great grey owl. His fingers felt like jelly, he knew what waited for him; his father had been prepping it for him for so long. “Any day now,” his father would say in that Dublin accent that Torin just never picked up. As he recalled that Torin tore open the envelope unceremoniously, reading the first few paragraphs of the letter, until he was interrupted by his own father. “Is that the letter, boyo?” he asked, tugging it from Torin’s hands. Torin kept his lips shut, even though his father was quickly assuming control.

Torin did not settle into life at Hogwarts quickly or well, and for the first week he cried quietly under his sheets in bed. He assumed a friendly and happy façade when others were looking. But he was feeling greatly pressured and it would always nag at the back of his mind. He was also lost for the first time of his life, because his mother and father were not next to him to guide him. All in all, it was a miserable first couple of weeks, and Torin was mailing as much as he could by post in order to regain some sort of guidance.

It would be at the age of fourteen that he would realise that while his mother loved him, it was almost like she wanted to use him to get at Claus’ family. It would be around that time that Torin would start to look at building his character independently, to make himself happy. He just had to find a way to do that while working around his parents. So just like that he stopped sending mail to his parents as often as he did before, until it became a very rare occurrence. So he is now comfortable enough to socialise with others, his biggest difficulty is balancing his workload and his social life. Torin is taking Hogwarts as an opportunity to become and independent man.

In order to mitigate his feelings of loneliness his parents gifted him a kitten, they were able to obtain a maine coone kitten. The largest of its litter, Torin would name him after Atlas, the mythological giant. Unknowingly he adopted the sullenest kitten, but he loved it all the same. He could do without it sleeping on his chest and face, as it tends to try, however.


Don’t know the name of the voice, but he sounds like this: hppodcraft.com/podcasts/TheCal…
His voice has already broken


+ Animals
+ Socialisation
+ Music
+ Competitions and winning
+ Sports
+ Board games
+ Movies that are so bad that they are good, or just plain hilariously bad (Ie. Sharknado, Birdemic)
+ Horror films (Ie. The thing, shining, Nightmare on Elm st. 1 (finds it hilarious)
- Overbearing people/disagreeable people
- Animal abuse
- Getting caught doing something wrong/detention
- Peanuts and cakes (exception cheese cakes)


Claus Calhoun (father) sta.sh/0ymj61wwpik
Abella Calhoun (mother)
Jean Audet(uncle)
Sarah Audet (Aunt, Claus’ sister)
Keiran Calhoun (Uncle)
Imogen Calhoun (cousin)
Betty Calhoun (Great Aunt – A little divorced from reality, Alzheimer’s disease)
Anabelle Calhoun (grandmother)
Fredrick Calhoun (Grandfather -Deceased, stroke)

Jose Riviera (Uncle mother’s side)
Kathleen R. (Aunt - Married to Jose)
Julia R (Cousin)
Maria Riviera (Grandmother – Deceased – Old age, diabetes)
Rodolfo Riviera (Grandfather – Deceased – Old age)


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Other information:

- If he were to have a patronus it would be an alpaca
- He is allergic to the following things: Peanuts, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication.
- Known to baby Atlas, asks others to hold the cat like they would their own child. (in a way he is also an overbearing parent)
- Liable to become a crazy cat man.
- Sometimes when he is angry or raises his voice his father’s Dublin accent shows, he tries to avoid it because he thinks others might find it funny.
- He is interested in quidditch and will take any opportunity to go for it.
- He often sends his grandmother letters, though she is grumpy and hardly seems to appreciate them. She is one of the few Calhoun’s that will send his Christmas gifts though. So it seems that their relationship is amiable but spoken with few words. She is also one of the few Calhouns that are very blunt.
- The other amiable Calhoun is Aunt Betty who confuses Torin for his grandfather. Torin is always saying things like “No, no, It’s me Torin. Your great nephew.” It’s a sad moment when Betty realises this though, something about the expression on her face is heart breaking. (She has Alzheimer’s)
- He looks very much like his grandfather.
- Takes care with his acne, despite that pimples always turn up from time to time. It frustrates him to no end.
- Most members of his family were in Slytherin, including his father.

Name: Atlas
Species: Cat- Maine Coon kitten
Personality: Fairly reserved, intelligent, lazy, when provoked it literally throws its weight around. It tries to sleep in the worst places, on people’s chests and sometimes the face. It has once woken Torin in the morning with a fart towards his face. It dislikes other animals and sometimes other people.
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