AYS: KronosMeetsDelilah Picture

Sorry it's lineart, and kind of crappy. I was just sooo lazy. I can't draw today, really.

Kronos flirts with everyone, it's horrible. xD

If you can't read it here's the roleplay:

Delilah: uwaa, your hair is so awesome!
Kronos: *Glances Over* (Thoughts: So ecstatic.) *Smiles* Oh, do you think so, miss? I wonder why? Do you perhaps like the color red?

Delilah: *smiles back* I do, its lovely on you, as well. Oh! I'm Delilah

Kronos:*Suddenly blinks and leans in closer to her, with one hand behind his back.* Is that so? How sweet of you...however...*Kronos reaches out with his right hand to pull a strand of hair and tucks it behind her ear* I think it suits you quite well yourself. * Kronos grins as he pulls his left hand from his back and places a red rose in her hair.*

Delilah: *steps back a little shyly* what a gentleman you are. Red is more your color, dear sir...*touches the rose* um, what's your name?

Kronos: * Turns his head to the side for a second* I go by the name Kronos, my dear. *Begins to start putting things in the places they belong.*

Delilah: ah... that's a different one. Do you need help?

Kronos: Hm...? A different one you say? I assure you, I can handle myself, however, you are quite the distraction.

Delilah: your name, that is. Oh, sorry, I didn't mean to..

Kronos: *Nods* So I see. My was given to me by my dear father, based off of the Mythology Kronos, supreme ruler of the universe. *Laughs a bit* Actually, I was messing with you, dear girl, I would worry not.

Delilah: ah so cool! My mom named me off a song *smiles* Messing with girls isn't nice~

Kronos: Heh. So I see....well, I never did mention I was a saint.

Delilah: Yeah....no, I guessed you weren't one *smiles*
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