Tides and Foam Picture

Lady of the Sea Cliffs (c) me.

This is the Lady of the Sea Cliffs. She is the twin sister of the Koi Lady [link]

I haven't thought up proper names for either her or her sister, but in time. In time. Though her sister prefers the depths of the ocean rather than the shoreline, the two sisters keep enough peace to look after thousands of sea creatures. Their distant cousins are Cici and Skye, the twins of the waters and skies.

The Lady of the Sea Cliffs converses with her cousins far more often than her sister, mostly because she lingers around the shoreline: the meeting place of rivers and land and thus a good place for a familial chat.

Lady of the sea cliffs, Losc for short right now, looks after urchins, starfish, barnacles and other creatures that live in tide pools and caverns close to the shore. Many a sailor have claimed to have seen her, most of them when they were coming back from a long journey and quite near death. But when they were healed enough, they visited the sea cliffs once again and never saw her. Still, at night people have heard the beautiful voice of Losc. Many men have fallen mad listening to her voice and finding no source for it. Some have even taken their lives, thinking that death or being near it must summon her human-like form, just as the sailors had seen her, coming in to shore about to die from their trips.

The surrounding towns near the cliffs believed heavily in creatures of the sea because of Losc. The mythology of the siren, the mermaid and the ghost have spawned from glimpses if Losc.

She pays no attention to the humans though. She will sit for weeks on end looking after a single tide pool.

Most humans think she is a cruel being and to see her is a bad omen, but for her, life, balance and gentility mean far more than the opinions of people.
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