BBA: Syrane of Clan Wilde Picture

Looks 9-10
Age 18
Weight 90-95
Height: 4'4"
Race: werewolf
birth place: (her tribe is nomadic but somewhere in) Istanbul .... or turkey or greece >>;;;;… (a slow aging breed that other wise has few if any other distinctions [if the look 4 they are 8 so just double a persons looks and you have their age] other than how they die) <--- the breed originates from Sudan Eithiopia and Eritrea
talents: hunting, whittling and gardening (much her surprise)
Pack/tribe: cynlinge ealdorduguðum déore [clan of the noble Flowers wild (generally refereed to as the "wilde Clan" or "Wilde flower" clan)]
powers: the power to transform into a werewolf form and wolf form at will (no she is not afraid of what she is).She is average in strength for a werewolf her size but is much weaker then your average sized werewolf. in a werewolf fight she would use her speed and agility and small stature to her advantage. at the moment she refuses to tell anyone what her magical capabilities are (but she has a connection to earth magic) (minor healing)

weakness: the normal werewolf weaknesses including silver weapons. she is also weak against cages and mountain ash or a lot of smoke (is not used to breathing a lot of impurities) and potions that use mistletoe or mountain ash. also she is not extraordinarily strong for a werewolf (much to her distaste) she can be easily overpowered if you are stronger than one. (if not try to avoid being hit cause she packs a quit a punch [not super girl pain but its still gonna hurt])
she s also a fraid of being picked up or forced into being at a hight she did not get to by her self.
look other drawings of her!!……………………

What she looks like now:…
History:... comes from a traditional pack. She is not likely to tell anyone much unless they get close to her. Her mother is her packs Alpha, and Syrane plans to be the next alpha after her. However, she is not yet powerful enough to take part in the battles for alpha so she's coming to the school to learn how to be stronger and have more discipline. She also needs to learn magic to be at the level of those who want to take the place of alpha.

Personality : is pretty serious about being at the school. She feels the she must prove her worth by being here and is likely to take many challenges to prove she can. she is brash because of her quick temper, but is he is not some raging idiot either. she sadly just needs to switch her normal modes of reaction to this; think first and use anger to back it up. if she jumps you in rage and then is seen later scolding herself for her tactical error well that's why.(.ffff going to far into detail @[email protected];;; )
Despite her looks she has a quick temper and generally frowns at any one she meets. She got this habit from her mother (who is her tribe/packs alpha female). she also comes of as rude or bossy which is honestly not always her intention (but most times its just habit). If you don't call her short (in anyway) or refer to her as pathetic compared to your self or someone else in your first conversation, she will come off as a far kinder person then those who do take those conversation routes will find.

-her default face (unless she is asleep) is a frown
-her werewolf form stands at 3' 4"
-due to how small her form is she never has to worry about clothes cause they still fit.
- she is surprisingly sheltered despite her harsh attitude
- hates crying and if you catch her doing it take a picture [those moments are like rare endangered camera shy animals]
- she never apologizes a straight forward fashion [dont try to force her. she will likely leave before you get that] se will give gifts or be nicer but ..yeah
-she very determinded if shes hurt in traing she will keep fighting till she passes out or someone else ends it [and in real fights...well >>;;;]

Troupes she fits:
bokukko (if she spoke Japaneses or a gender based language)…
cute bruiser…
tsundere… (type A)

Best Friends (<-- New) Nell :thumb197616487: Remy Diyson :thumb195312595: Daniel Aden Newman
Friends Vivian Lycoris
:thumb196246362: Whitman Pete :thumb198721807: Yumi Mori :thumb174948599:
Celestia Blissin :thumb251815663:
She wont call them freind to their face but they are close Illya Belton :thumb173979912:… Kobayashi :thumb198220509: Aurelio Reyez

color plate and early design :

ok so where do i get of making a werewolf that can change at will? am i just making stuff up? no not really. you see as a history/mythology fan i like to research things of this nature. werewolves actually were never depicted as tied down by the moon or affected by silver in the slightest. well any more that any other weapon. the truth is the people that wrote or spoke of them knew little to nothing on what affected them at all or what the limits of their powers were. but the two parts in the stories that stands out the most are the two versions of werewolf. no its never describes as two but in all the stories (not saying i have seen them all) the werewolves will go either way (and there are always exceptions but yeah). those are the ones that are cursed into becoming werewolves and those that change at will. in making this character i decided to create a median between the old and the new while adding my own flare.
Old: the weaknesses to mountain ash and mistletoe are two better known weaknesses that seem to be lost to today's translation but were known back in ye olden days. the control is also a trait i liked. another part i liked was that the ones that did have a choice are normally referenced as taking the form of an actual wolf. why didn't i add that? well unless i can get the idea excepted i blame twilight for destroying a good idea.
New: werewolves being weak from silver. it really doesn't make sense when you think on it but i have to keep some correlation to modern views in a group like this. so its a weakness. the moon not sure if i really want to enforce the forced control part but i will stick with she will normally change in the full moon.

my breed: she is a ethiopian loupe gauro. originally hailing from Ethiopia and Sudan they are are a rare bread of werewolf. hers specific pack due to territory issues moved upwards into Europe and so she hails from the areas of Macedonia, Bulgaria and Turkey. her pack makes a strong habit of avoiding human consumption due to human reactions. they are also known to be nomadic so they live up in that area.
Traits i could have done better with but dont want to : her straight hair (gray eyes can be legitimate)
Natural enemies/ Predators/ They don't like them: bouda or bultungin, ilimu, and for her tribe:vlkodlak and other werewolves.

Syrane(c) yellowflowerevy(me)
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