My Ground and Air Pony breeds Picture

When I come up with Pony OCs, I have a mythological and G1 approach. Here are a few of my accepted types so far.

Obviously the basic My Little Pony. They are average strength, usually no magic, and a variety of forms. Each of them of course specialize in their given talents and are found all over the pony world.

I, ever since The Last Unicorn, believe that unicorns have lion tails and horses have pony tails. So, of course, my unicorn ponies have the lion tail and cloven hooves. Like in the show, unicorns tend to have magic in their talents, with a universal talent for "blinking out" and a few other tricks that they can share with each other. They are lighter boned and more flashy than earth ponies and they tend to have talents that are more mystic. I think in general unicorns (like seen in the show) because of their mystic qualities prefer more refined and sophisticated tastes and carry themselves with regal weight.

Though usually shown as tough and buff in the shows, I think that in order to fly, pegasi still need to be lighter. I think they are built lighter in the body but more powerful in the shoulders and hindquarters to be able to carry themselves in the air. In general, I think pegasi are adventurous, reveling in the spirit of freedom that flight gives them. They are friendly and charismatic since flight also captivates many. I think it's likely to have feathers covering their body, and there is a spectrum of how sparse or how full or colorful their feathers are.

My favorite mythological equine, after the WU of course. Phookas are always dark (I think in the MLPverse they have darkened colors) or black. They are fuzzy and rougher than Earth ponies with eight eyes. Phookas love having fun in dangerous places, and due to their powers they can be safe. Others don't always see it that way, but Phookas mean no harm in their adventures. They enjoy pranks and mysterious adventures. Phookas have the ability to change shape, and have a knowledge of obscure magics, due to this they are often met with skeptisim, but they adore helping others. In their alternate forms, a skilled person can identify them by their glowing eyes and dark colors.

"Kirins are like unicorns but better" as my cousin says. Kirins are odd in that they are a hybird of unicorns and dragons (huhwat), so they are rare. Many ponies are unaware they exist. Kirins usually have long manes and bodies covered in scales. Their horns come in a variety: from dragon horns to branch horns, but are always curved in some way. Despite their appearance, they are as vain as the unicorns, but more willing to get rough. Kirins have the uncanny ability to see those who are corrupt or pure. The corrupt gain the Kirin's wrath, but the pure gain their undying friendship.

A delicate breed, Futter ponies prefer warm places. Like in G1 they guard the sun stone and mostly stay in one spot, but youngsters are often intrigued by the outside world and will venture forth. Flutters are fast, and able to run circles around most pegasi, and can use their speed to create a strange trail that catches enemies off guard (like creating a net together). Flutters weigh options on the good of the "hive", working together for the greater good. They have the strongest sense of community. Flutter ponies are also jovial souls, often breaking into lovely songs or games.

This pony is dangerous. Kelpies wander roads, looking for someone to talk to them. They entice any to touch them, instantly being stuck to their strange skin, and take the victims to the nearest pond to drown and eat them. Unlike Phookas Kelpies can't change shape, but hide their fins and gills. They are given away by their seal like skin and wet manes. Very few Kelpies have been known to be peaceful, since like a predator, they take opportunities to eat when their prey comes to them, but a few have been know to help in dire times.

Winged Unicorn:
Winged Unicorns are NOT alicorns (Alicorn is the name of their horns in my book) nor are they princesses. Winged Unicorns are the hybrid of Pegasi and Unicorn ponies. They posses the fun and charisma of pegasi and the magic and regalia of unicorns. They love to practice magic for fun, and have a wider range of powers as Unis, but they've gains the show-offy nature of pegasi. In general, WUs are caring and parental to other creatures, mainly due to their power levels.

This one was inspired by ~Legacy350's Triosus ponies. I don't exactly have many head-canons because of this, but I'm working on them. The main feature of these for me is they are the ultimate flyers, whatever that means.
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