Soul of a river - Merevaik Picture

So... creative juices flowing, my first bigger and more thought-out project is coming up. I'm going to start a comic(!!!) that references Finno-Ugric, Nordic and Slavic mythology and beliefs from when the people were still pagans. In Estonia there are even people left who believe in trees/rivers having their own souls!
The comic takes place somewhere around here but also gets in touch with Iceland (The Island of Dragons hurrhurr), the story's main destination the characters struggle to get to, and even Siberia and more East of that. I've done SO MUCH research for this project you have no idea.

This drawing (done in music history class with a green-ink pen which is why her leg is so wonky oh god please forgive me) is of Merevaik (? not sure about her name yet), a riverspirit, and the Father of all waters. She's one of the main characters wah!
So, with great pleasure, I say

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