Tokyo-Wars Application: Pheonix Picture

{ Alias }

{ Age | Gender }
16 ♀ Female

{ Height | Weight }
5'6" | 110 lbs

{ Faction }

{ Rank }

{ Occupation }
Weekdays| High School Student | Sophomore Year
Weekends| Stunt Performer

{ Wish }
To show those who doubted her how strong and great she can really be, and make her mark so that others know she's not one to mess with. If she can't do that, then she'd rather just grow up and live a normal life.

{ Was dying for you wish worth it? }
Pheonix is still unsure on if her wishes were worth dying for.

{ Name before death }
Natsumi, Kotori

{ Personality }
Kind - Pheonix is a big softy at heart, and won't hesitate to help those who she believes is innocent, and actually needs help.

Cautious - It is hard to find her when large crowds are around, seeing as she's quite cautious with a sliver of shy, and, well, doesn't like crowded and loud places. This is mainly because of some... past events that negatively affected her. She doesn't trust men that easily, and will get hostile if a male rubs off on her the wrong way, even if it's an accident.

Serious - Most of the time, she takes things seriously, and tries her best to make good impressions. When it comes to the safety of others, as well as her loved ones, or even if it comes to school work and her performances, she does not joke around.

Curious - If someone interests her enough, she'll try to bump into them more often so that she can satisfy her curiosity, as well as get to know the character. There are times where she may get into bad situations while checking something out.

Quiet - She won't speak unless spoken to, or if she's just that bored and decides to talk, or she is approached and brought into a conversation.

{ Biography }
When she was alive, Kotori lived as a simple, ordinary girl. She grew up with loving parents, great older brothers, amazing friends... but somehow, she felt she didn't have everything she would need in life. She often appeared to be a sweet, caring girl who would help others out of her own kindness, or would offer advice and comfort to those who needed it. People liked her for that, but even so, Kotori always felt... looked down upon. Felt like people liked her, but thought she was just a weak pushover. She didn't like that. She didn't want that.

And so it was when her parents started comparing her to her older brothers, who had much more achievements than she, and had already moved out to start lives of their own. She definitely didn't like being compared to others. Kotori had heard it from the friends that had slowly started to abandon her for new ones: she didn't need to hear it from her own legal guardians. So she was angered. She started to shut herself away, or more like, went off on her own. No friends to accompany her, no, she would go off alone to some secluded area, and teach herself to fight. The red-head wanted to build up the strength and speed she knew she had deep within her, and show everyone that she was just as great as they were.

One day, at the end of her Freshman year, one of her old friends decided to talk to her again. Somehow, this brightened Kotori's mood, especially when that friend invited her to a late night party. She begged her parents to let her go, and after a long period of failed persuasion, they gave up and agreed, as long as she got a ride back. Kotori cut down her time she spent doing personal training, and started to try hanging out with her old friend more. And when of the time of the party came around, she was more than prepared. When her friend picked her up and drove her to his house late that night, Kotori was a bit... disappointed at what it turned out to be. More like horrified. Teenagers were all over the place, drunk beyond words and still drinking alcoholic beverages. Odd noises could be heard from upstairs, and she did NOT want to know what was happening up there.

In fact, she didn't even want to be present anymore.

Why was she, a soon to be sophomore High School Student, invited to this wretched excuse of a party? This was the kind of stuff her friend was into? Why did he even have half the mind to invite her?! It was then that she realized, that everyone came with a date. Her "friend" must've been turned down by other female friends, so he had the nerve to invite Kotori as a last resort. Knowing this pissed her off greatly. How could she be so stupid? Oblivious?! The boy she thought was her had already abandoned her to go drink beer. And so she took her leave while she was still unnoticed.

As said before, it was late at night. And the red-headed high schooler was walking down streets by herself. She was too angry to even think about her situation, she didn't even realize that she... was being followed. It was at the last minute that she noticed something was strange, before a hand flew over mouth, and a searing pain pierced her side. When she looked down, she saw a gloved hand holding onto what looked like a knife. And it was embedded in her side, with blood starting to seep out. The knife was retracted, only to reentered in her lower back. Soon after, the hand muffling her cries of pain was removed, as was the hand and knife piercing her flesh. She collapsed to the ground, bleeding out. She couldn't believe she was so weak, and that she couldn't, didn't, struggle against her unknown attacker. That was when a voice entered her mind...

What is your wish?

{ Why did you join the faction? }
She was bored, and sought to join something unique.

{ Likes | Dislikes }
Bright/Neon Colors
+ Cats
+ Mythological Creatures and Events
+ Video Games
+ Sparring with friends, rivals, or family
+ Sour Candy
+ Cute objects and animals
+ Being appreciated
+ Drawing
+ Stargazing (When she isn't around a city or large source of light.)
- Loud, Arrogant idiots
- Being ordered around
- Loneliness
- Not being trusted
- Being ignored
- Bitter tasting food
- ...Pork. She just doesn't like pig meat.
- Piercings. Getting her ears pierced is just enough for her.
- Lies. She'll go all out on you if you lie to her about anything.
- Parties.

{ Weapon }
A single katana strapped to her side. (Unfortunately, not shown in the image above.)

{ Misc }
When she was really young, she used to be able to sing. She stopped after her dog died. Now she can't sing for sh!t. She can only hum, and that's where
it stops.
- She owns a Calico cat named Lucy. That's her bby.
- She lives in a pet-friendly apartment complex.
- Places she regularly visits are Anime/Manga Shops, Video Game Stores, the Movie Theatres, and the Local Park.
- Despite wearing the colors purple, magenta, golden yellow, and deep plum, Pheonix's favorite color is Sky Blue.
- LOVES Mac n' Cheese, Sushi, and fruits of all sorts.
- She has a rather strange eating habit, and can go quite a bit without feeling hungry. Though, she does get thirsty very quick if she waits long enough.
- Has at least 4 medium sized boxes full of old sketchbooks that have all the pages used up.
- Her eyes are cat-like with a deep, yet vivid red coloring. She feels that her eyes are ugly, so whenever she doesn't have her mask on, she where's brown
contact lenses.

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