SCIFI Bio Mecha: Nush Ucha - The Zodiac Contractor Picture

SCIFI Bio Mecha #2: Nush Ucha - The Zodiac Contractor

Zodiac Contractor - Nush-Ucha

Zodiac Contractor – a council of inter-dimensional entities assembled by the Cosmic Great Maker during the infancy of the universe to keep an eye on the well being of their assigned galaxies both in corporeal & trans-dimensional level. Each galaxy has approximately 12 entities taking on caretaking roles, divided in 4 quadrants with 3 assigned in each one. All through the eternal cosmic historical records, only a few in the corporeal plain have the knowledge of their existence. The entities prefer to quietly oversee events from behind the scene. Events such as observing one culture evolves into higher plain of existence or preventing certain intergalactic conflicts from spinning out of control that would potentially devastated vast region of space are almost like a routine. While occasionally they have to be alert on threats from beyond their galaxies or from their former colleagues who have gone rogue.

The origin of Zodiac Contractors remains shrouded in mystery, only hints of legends were being passed down from generation to generation of galactic cultures. Different cultures have vast different interpretations of the Contractors. Some would claim that they are the guardian spirit of their star system; while other vowed they are the reincarnations of their fallen folk icons. No matter which way the mythology was being interpreted, one common element precedes everything else is that most cultures believe the Contractors, or cosmic godlike creatures to many of them, would come to the aid one way or another when their civilizations are in their most desperate time, be that from total annihilations or interplanetary natural disasters.

Nush-Ucha, the contractor assigned to this part of the galaxy; has been keeping a sharp eye on this insignificant planetoid known as Earth located at an isolated yellow main sequence star system for the past millennia. Earth had reached many crossroads in the last thousand years, each time Ucha chose not to interfere because of strict non-interacting policy towards corporeal cultures imposed by the council. However this time he might need to because Earth once again is standing at a key crossroad, a crossroad that would either means an end to the planet due to over exploiting of planet’s resources or thrust Earth and her inhabitants to a new era of awakening and eventually taking rightful place in the galactic community. Galactic Federation believes Earth plays a pivotal role in the stability of this region of space. Its untimely end not only will affect the entire region, but the shockwave has the potential of spreading far beyond the Federation could handle. Several corporeal and non-corporeal alien species from the Federation core worlds already have vessels stationed within the solar system, and deployed surface reconnaissance teams on Earth to prepare for the event. While Ucha has much confidence on the Federation’s ability to tackle with the crisis, his instinct has prompted him to stay on guard as he has received words that factions hostile to the Federation are prepare to interrupt or even sabotage the transition.

Nush-Ucha while appears to have possessed God-like power to many corporeal beings, he's not entirely immune from injuries. The wound under the armpit was caused during a fierce engagement near the galactic core's massive black hole clusters with Nemek, his one time friend/colleague turned renegade contractor. He chose to leave the scar instead of completely have it healed because he want to constantly reminds himself how painfully it was to be betrayed by someone he trusted dearly. Nemek has declared himself sided with the same hostile factions that attempt to sabotage Earth's transition. Ucha and Nemek both can sense their presence in the same time-continuum, and they both know they will duel each other again very soon.

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