Moodboard Meme Picture

All the people and things that inspire me!

First row left to right:
*doubleleaf - Love her art to bits and pieces!!
*squishy87 - Her TF2 fanart makes me squeee~~
~kakimari - LOVELOVELOVE her style!
*daltucia - Beautiful works!!
~yy6241 - I just love his stuff!
*Phobs - His style is amazing and I just love all his art!!

Second Row left to right:
*vert-is-ninja - Tess made HINABN, how can I not love her?!
*tracyjb - Tracy's Lackadaisy cats comic is very addicting to read, love her style, and sense of humor.
Walt Disney Pictures - Growing up watching these movies was amazing, they had quite a lot of changes but I still love it!
Johann Sebastian Bach - His music is amazing and I just love his quotes, they're all very wise.
David Garrett - He's more than a pretty face, he is the fastest violinist in the world. He motivates me to become a better violinist and inspired me to become one.
Marc Hamlett Mercado - The best violin teacher in the world! His story was very inspiring.

Third row left to right:
Violins - Awesome instrument that makes beautiful music!
History - I love history. My favorite class subject xD
My closest friends - Namely ~KyokoAyame, ~hippoinatutu and last but not the least ~atarimae
Christianity - Everything I do good is in His name ^^
Steampunk - Its cool xD
Mythology - I was always interested in these kinds of things.

Fourth row left to right:
Tim Burton - He's crazy, but thats why we love him.
Neil Gaiman - He wrote my favorite books!!
Jerry Bruckheimer - Inspired me to become a part of the film industry.
Fashion - Specifically old fashion like that of the 1920's and Victorian Era fashion.
Video Ganes - Im a gamer girl and proud
Owls - They're beautiful and majestic creatures!~ I love the Barn owl best (Tytonidae Alba)

Fifth row left to right:
Fantasy - Its my reality xD
Soccer - Best sport evar!!
Whose Line is it anyway - Awesome and hilarious show! Their sense of humor inspires me. Colin Mochrie inspires me the most
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