Lamassu Picture

A Lamassu is an Angelic beast that belongs to the Third Sphere. It resembles a large winged lion with a man's head. It is generally used to guard sacred and holy places such as temples. Its duty is to protect such places from unruly and unworthy mortals who aim to desecrate these places. Any mortal attempting to do so will be met with the beast's fangs and claws. While this is its official job description, the Lamassu in actuality is a rather peaceful beast with a rather fair amount of tolerance.

Despite what they are tasked with, Lamassu are very peaceful creatures. Being a type of Angel, it is their inherent nature to be so. They will tolerate most mortals regardless of what they do around the place, even when it affects the Lamassu directly. In fact, some Lamassu have even been known to play with certain mortals that take the chance. This is a good thing as many of the places the Lamassu guard require some sense of peacefulness. Having a big scary monster that will attack you immediately if you do the slightest thing wrong is not something that promotes the Angels' message. Besides the places they guard are sacred sites not monster filled dungeons.

Thus the Lamassu guard their stations with a sense of peace and tolerance. However that does not mean they are mere pushovers. It just means that they won't attack for the most minor of offenses. When a really dire situation arises, like one person is threatening another or someone is trying something really demonic, that's when they attack and where it can also become really ugly. While they are Angels inherently, the Lamassu are also beasts, hence why there classified as Angelic beasts. And angering a beast is really not an option, especially if it is part lion. Fortunately, most Lamassu attacks tend to survivable. However, that's only when the Lamassu aren't pushed too far. If they are, then pity the mortal that foolishly wishes to incur such wrath.

Due to similar professions, the Lamassu are sometimes seen together with Shedu. Though they are slightly different in some areas, such as the Shedu being less active than the Lamassu, they actually work well together. Additionally, the places that both types of Angels are tasked with are usually those that can be easily reached by mortals to a degree. For harder to reach places and places that are slightly more sensitive, certain other types of Angels, such as Cherubim, are required as guardians instead.


*Based on one depiction of a Mesopotamian mythological creature. [link]
*I had the Cowardly Lion from the 1939 Wizard of Oz movie in mind when I designed this creature's appearance. [link]
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