MH: Death by Birth 01 Picture

Nifelheim. Normally is a was a quiet, and very still place, but today it’s air rang out with the cries of it’s mistress as her time had come. From the stables where her ghostly mare stood, to the room not far away where her brothers waited, feeling with sympathy, they all could hear and knew what was happening.

“I…I can’t,” she cried as the pain wracked her body terribly. “Father…”

“I know Hela,” he tried to sooth. “I know it hurts, I know so well, but you have to fight it, you have to do this.”

She cried out as more pain ran through her, the most yet. He did what he could to help her through it and finally it was over. She fell silent and limp, her energy spent. But his real work had just begun. He wrapped the new born in a blanket, bundling is safely against the cold in the stone rooms.

“Would you look at you,” he smiled softly, peeking at the little blonde haired baby he held close to his chest, stroking the little tuff of hair gently, tenderly. “You are going to be destined for great things now, aren’t you my boy.”

“Yes he is, but not under your hand Loki,” a dark silhouette appeared in the doorway behind him now. “And he is my boy, not yours.”

He growled a little under his breath and looked over with eyes narrowed, holding the precious bundle closer, protectively. “You’re not welcome here fae…not now, not ever…”

I was hesitant about labeling this “MH” since, even though it IS the origin of my MH OC Lukas Helson, it’s not exactly in MH context…more like a parallel and yet separate continuity…idk really…so this IS cannon for him in MH context, but it could also be spawning for an offshoot that isn’t…bleh idk.

So you get see various members of Luk’s family here.

-No, that is not Sleipnir; that is Vita’s mother, and Hela’s personal horsy. She doesn’t have a name yet. Vita isn’t born yet.
-that is indeed Hela’s brothers Fenrir and Jormungandr; I have indeed anthro/humanized them for this. Jor has an egg with him, while Fenrir has a little daughter named Ferona (I’ll make her eventually). Fenrir and Ferona do change into full blown wolves and ARE NOT werewolves.
-and yes that is my Loki! I’ve always thought he was a blonde but after seeing Thor I sorta started to fall for the black haired slick Loki, so I meshed him into mine a bit. I figured Loki and all of his children have a duality to them, so he could have 2 hair colors too.
-yes that is Luk’s father. No I’m not telling you who it is…not yet at least >D I am evil

So what have we learned?
-Luk has at least 3 cousins: Ferona, Vita, and a snakey kid (though he could indeed have more)
-his father is NOT human, nor another godd (Norse or other wise)

Hope you enjoy my teasing and taunting
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