Forest study aquarelle Picture

Well. In school they gave us a week to do something of our own choice, I haven't painted much forests, so I thought, I live in a forest, I'll take a walk every day to paint it. I did. It wasn fantastic, I love nature.

I painted this outside in the forest (actually like a 5 minutes walk from my house), it's some sort of stream that goes down through rocks and trees down to a smaller pond~ish thing. The round thing in the middle is some kind of really old well. I have no idea what it's doing in the middle of my forest.

I live in Sweden, and this forest is a magical place, I know that there's alot of mystical, mythological creatures living here. It looks like John Bauer's paintings IRL ~ !

I don't really love this painting, even though the motive is beautiful, since Aquarelle Watercolors isn't great for painting dark stuff, it looks a bit dirty, really... It was a rainy day as well.

It was a study! I hope you'll like it! ~`w´~

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