(OoC Disclaimer: this is a SHEATHES-Echelon Subject, meaning it can only influence, function and exist within the Yggdrasil Galactic Triumvirate. It will not, in any way, be showing up in the Ancerious Galaxy, which is where the Monarchs have set up their STABS-2 Galactic Colony. Why would the Monarchs make something as extreme as this? Well, they don't have a choice in the matter. War Games force them to constantly one-up each other in an never-ending arms race. Subjects must outdo each other, but then are in turn just as quickly outdone by an opposing Subject created in response to them. Even if SHEATHES-10 were a Conquest-Oriented SHEATHES, which being an Exploration-Oriented SHEATHES they are not, they may only rely on STABS-Echelon Subjects to fight where STABS Colonies have been established. In any case, this Subject is just to give a glimpse of what the Monarchs are like outside the bounds of the RP, and its showing is purely for fun. Note: this disclaimer sets apart Subjects that will not show up in the Ancerious RP even if the admin allowed their presence. While some Subjects won't appear in the RP due to various circumstances, the usage of certain Subjects outside the Yggdrasil Galactic Triumvirate would be a violation of Monarch Essences and the SHIELDS Treaty. Such a violation would be fatal to the Monarchs, since their 'Patrons' would be obligated to destroy a SHEATHES that did not adhere to its directives.)


- Technology has always explored a realm between Nature and Magic. On one hand, it makes use of the natural realm: something as basic as a gun draws its very ingredients from earthly ores. And yet, its creations are bent on the outright defiance of nature. It is natural for sounds made by an animal to be carried through the air via vibrations, but Technology would rather have them transmitted across space and time, like omens from beyond the veil of reality. Whether its breaching the law that states nothing can travel faster than light, or building a city where a forest should be, Technology is neither natural nor supernatural; it is simply unnatural.

- In that regard, the Three Monarchs are both separated from, one with, and connected to each other. They are distinct in Essences concerning the identity of the States they govern. They are fused in their Authority concerning the way they rule their States. They are inspired in their Will concerning what they actually do with their rule over their States. That third aspect is particularly important. All the States can draw from each other, whether in design or purpose. The Monarchs' ability to 'inspire' each other is what allows their Subjects to defy convention to extreme levels, and it also allows them to support each other while remaining in conflict at the same time. Without ties to the Natura and Machina State, the Arcana State would not be able to create a single Subject. Every mythological creature, from dragons to unicorns, must draw from elements of nature, which in this case is the horse and the reptile. Every mythological artifact, from Excalibur to the Vimana, must draw from elements of science, which in this case, the sword and the chariot. The Natura State siphons from Technology the ability to modify units on the fly, tailoring them to roles and classes, which is pretty much bioengineering; if it didn't have that link, Empress Gaia would have severe limitations on what life forms in her ranks can and cannot do. And so on, and so forth.

- Emperor Vulcan has come to embrace the triumvirate he is part of. He does so out of willingness and necessity. Willingness, because it is good and effective, and he likes what he does. Necessity, because War Games against the two Empresses of SHEATHES-10 would be a lot harder if he didn't. In their eternal struggle, however, not all War Games are won closely. There are times when Monarchs introduce a Subject that breaks the game outright. Of course, considering how the Monarchs work, that Subject is guaranteed to be obsolete by the time the next War Games Session rolls by, but that's besides the point. While crushing victories are short-lived, it is not unheard of for Subjects to pop up that make the Monarchs themselves do a double-take. One of those Subjects is a monster of a Spaceship that makes use of an everyday aspect of the universe, but by forcing it to work in a most unorthodox manner.


- Subject Identity: XvX-Superglutton

- SHEATHES 'Number': 10

- Subject State: Machina

- Subject Echelon: SHEATHES

- Subject Tier: Regal, Sigma. A Regal, Sigma-Tier XvX-Superglutton means it has undergone 18 revisions since its Alpha Version.

- Length: 1.5-3 Light Years at longest point, approximately

- Width: 1-2 Light Years at widest point, approximately

- Height: 1-2 Light Years at highest point, approximately

- Mass: Incalculable


- 1: Death-Angel Facility. A hybrid between a building and a vehicle makes up the control center of the XvX-Superglutton. When it is moving, it's classified by the Monarchs' Authority as a Vessel. When stationary, it's a Construct. Since it's almost always the former, this document looks upon it as such. The Death-Angel Facility is responsible for towing the Gluttony Complex around, defending and commanding said Gluttony Complex, supplying any kind of Machina Voltage that may be needed, as well as doubling as a mobile Battlefield Headquarters.

- 2: Gluttony Complex. Comprised of two harmonious parts: the DHL Sequences and the Dominion Rings. The DHL Sequences are the winding, swirling strings that undulate, curl and slither around each other. While their graceful ballet would seem out of place on a rough and tough Machina Subject, their true purpose is far more sinister. In tandem with the Dominion Rings, the Gluttony Complex is responsible for generating the primary resource used by the XvX-Superglutton: gravity, and a crap-load of it. The Dominion Rings exist within the Death-Angel Facility and outside of it at the same time, and Quantum Entanglement is used to control them. In turn, the Dominion Rings manipulate an immense array of Machina Coding Fields that they apply to the DHL Sequences and the Machina Voltages surrounding them.

- 3: Death's-Head Lattice. Also referred to as the DHL. Upon closer inspection, the slender strings are a network of orbs linked by colossal bolts of Machina Voltages. Their collaboration enables them to pool all their output together, that is, Gravity itself. The Voltages that link the orbs can be ordered to channel everything into the Death-Angel Facility, or to the tips of each DHL, and both directions have their own purpose.

- 4: Machina Voltage Haze. Constantly spewed out by the Death-Angel Facility, the zone within the Dominion Rings boils and sizzles with a cacophony of multiple type of Machina Voltages. The DHL Sequences and the Dominion Rings both make use of the Voltage Haze, which gains its appearance when the Machina Voltages condense from their bolt-like forms into glowing red marbles. The sheer number of these Machina Voltage Cells appears like a cloud from far away, and since they vary in intensities and saturation, the Voltage Haze is ever-shiting in it's reddish hue and incandescence.

- 5: Assorted Death's-Head Types. The orbs making up the DHL are as extraordinary as the rest of the ship. Each one is a Supermassive Black Hole, containing millions of solar masses at the barest minimum, with a radius of a round 7 light hours each. The monstrous gravitational forces they exert are what the XvX-Superglutton primarily works with.


- If one were to describe the XvX-Superglutton in a single sentence, it would be thus: this ship takes Gravity and Energy, and turns both into slaves.

- This is the first the reason why the Death-Angel Facility doesn't implode under its own mass. Despite being (on average) 5 times smaller than the Arcana Bahamut Worldfish, and 10 times smaller than Natura 'Nebula Behemoth', a single DHL Sequence from the XvX-Superglutton outweighs the other two Subjects by far. The Death-Angel Facility utilizes the following to maintain its structural integrity:

- Imbued Macro-Quantum: Also a mind-numbing concept and a direct slap to the faces of many Science Textbooks. Using the Parva Bolt (which is an Excell-Originated Energy that exists both in the Quantum Realm and the Cosmic Realm, and able to 'link' the two together) Emperor Vulcan is able to make regular-sized Subjects behave as if they were Quantum Particles, or the like. For example, he can cause his fleets to exist as a 'probability wave' until observed. Troops are able to Entangle themselves, allowing one to mirror the actions of the other. Ammunition is able to perform Quantum Tunneling, simply bypassing defenses they wouldn't have been able to surmount. The uses of this are limited only by Emperor Vulcan's imagination. The one catch is that by charging up anything with the Parva Bolt, thus 'imbuing' it with Macro-Quantum Mechanics, Emperor Vulcan is essentially condemning it to being rejected by the current Fabric of Reality as if it was a creation from an Excell-Enclosed Reality. To use this on more expensive, permanent Subjects is considered unwise, unless of course the situation has become dire enough.

- Ira Bolt: A Machina Voltage that is 'made' within a customized Fabric of Reality trapped within an Excell. Much like the Wolfsbane Theoncell, the Excell may contain anything, no matter how much it defies conventional logic. Emperor Vulcan possesses quite a few of them, and only 10 are for the purpose of containing Custom Realities. As the Laws of Physics within those Realities have been modified, things that may violate the Conservation of Mass and Energy, or various Laws of Entropy, are feasible within them. The Ira Bolt is the product of such a Reality, being an unspecified amount of 'Pure Energy' that never depletes, convertible into any kind of Energy, be it Thermal or Electric. It is only a matter of taking the Ira Bolt and allowing it to function within a different Fabric of Reality. How Emperor Vulcan does so is a secret, and a well-guarded one at that. Unfortunately, while the Ira Bolt is an infinite source of fuel, it is not an eternal one. After all, it is from a different Reality. It takes weeks for the laws of this universe to annihilate an Ira Bolt, rejecting its existence and causing it to vanish, but annihilate it they do. As such, XvX-Supergluttons need to replace their Ira Bolts every now and then.

- Vora Bolt: As with the Ira Bolt and the Dea Bolt, the Vora Bolt is another created 'Energy' that originates from an Excell-Enclosed Reality. Also like the Ira Bolt and the Dea Bolt, the Vora Bolt operates on its own set of 'Laws', 'Logic' and 'Physics'. By all rights, neither the Ira Bolt, Dea Bolt or Vora Bolt cannot be said to be 'real' energy. The are incompatible with the Space-Time of this Universe, and they can simply ignore any Anti-Energy, Non-SHEATHES Energy Manipulation, or Energy-Leeching methods and/or abilities that may be brought to bear against them. Their Quantum States are also incomprehensible; the Ira Bolt, Dea Bolt and the Vora Bolt do not have any 'particles' associated with their existence or effects. They do not exist as the flow of 'Iratrons', 'Deatrons' or 'Voratrons', the way Electricity would exist as the flow of Electrons. Despite this, they have and are 'power' and 'potency'. They can be 'fuel' for Troops in the Machina State, or they can be 'ammunition' for their weapons. The Ira Bolt functions as a never-ending source of all-purpose energy. The Dea Bolt functions as an energy that empowers mere data to become something more influential. The Vora Bolt functions as a 'energy' that devours other 'energy'. And, even among Emperor Vulcan's Machina Voltages, Vora Bolts are special. While most Machina Voltages have a set duration of existence before the resident Universe gives them the boot, Vora Bolts can eat other energies to sustain themselves longer. Normally, they don't do anything against Mass, Time, or Matter. They only 'eat' energy. However, according to String Theory, 'everything' is made up of vibrating Superstrings, the 'vibration frequency' of each one determining what it 'is', whether it is a Quark, a Photon, or an Boson. More advanced Vora Bolts are able to consume the 'energy' of Superstrings, causing them to cease vibrating altogether. Since a Superstring without a 'vibration frequency' does not exist, then it literally ceases to exist.

- Capta Bolt: The third of Emperor Vulcan's 'Continuum Machina Voltages'. The Zona Bolt is able to carry, bind with, and/or commandeer Space. The Hora Bolt is able to carry, bind with, and/or commandeer Time. Other Voltages have their way with Matter, Quantum States, well as the Four Fundamental Forces of the universe. The Capta Bolt is able to do the same thing its 'colleagues' do, but with the Aspect of Gravity. Just as Time and Space are intangibles that cannot be normally manipulated by energy, Gravity is a part of reality that is naturally absolute and incorporeal. That which goes up must come back down. It cannot be placed in a bucket and moved from one place to the next. However, just like Ira Bolt and the Vora Bolt, the Capta Bolt obey a different set of rules, namely, those set by their Emperor. While it's true that Machina Voltages are at conflict with the laws of the current universe, and hence they will cease to exist after some time, for as long as they do exist Capta Bolts will never fail to do to Gravity whatever they are commanded to do.

- Noetic Coding Field: Machina Coding Fields are unique even within SHEATHES-10 because they are regular assets until their Monarch activates a 'second level' of them. Then, they become Emperor Vulcan's Grand Escutcheon, which are the 'opposite' of Superweapons. Machina Coding Fields are comprised completely of Machina Code, which is simple data that has been charged up by Dea Bolts to the point where it has become semi-corporeal. Machina Code is essentially halfway between Virtual Reality and True Reality; it is the very aspect of 'Fact' itself, crystallized and empowered into being something else entirely, something far greater and more powerful. Noetic Coding Fields are used by Emperor Vulcan to convert 'pure information' into 'actual things'. Subjects with capable of creating Noetic Coding Fields are able through those to 'produce' their 'thoughts' into anything from 'useful items' to 'companions'. Of course, like the all other Machina Voltages, the Dea Bolt can only last so long within a Universe where it isn't supposed to exist. However, it is only responsible for supercharging 'Data', and enabling a Subject to convert it into something more 'actual'. Whatever the Subject manufactures via Noetic Coding is completely a 'part' of the current Universe and bound to its rules and regulations. As such, fabrications from Noetic Coding Fields won't fade away, not unless they have been infused by the Parva Bolt, or other 'tainting' Machina Voltages. If an Noetic Field is activated as a Grand Escutcheon, it receives a drastic increase to its size, and it enables Emperor Vulcan to convert information into 'events'.

- Zetetic Coding Fields: These Machina Coding Fields 'understand' information. Barring any Renaissance 'Villain' affecting Emperor Vulcan, Zetetic Coding Fields are essentially omniscient. This is because Zetetic Coding Fields operate on a Macro-Data Scale; they 'see' the 'information behind information', 'information about information', and 'information beyond information', grasping facts and events on more than an 'upfront' basis. Because Zetetic Coding Fields can 'see' the 'information behind information', they can pierce through any barrier or secrecy concerning data. Attempting to scramble the contents of a document via polymorphic coding will register to a Zetetic Coding Field as, "so-and-so person has scrambled *insert document content here* using polymorphic coding", or some variation of it. Because Zetetic Coding Fields can 'see' the 'information about information', they can 'purify' data before allowing others to view it. No matter how jumbled, lengthy, dangerous or unusual the data, a Zetetic Coding Field can present it to a view in the best way possible. Because Zetetic Coding Fields can 'see' the 'information beyond information', they can allow 'lesser' minds to fathom 'greater' things. If something is incomprehensible, unexplainable, or traumatizing to a viewer, Zetetic Coding Fields can simply 'download' an 'understanding' of such data into someone who needs it.

- Dominic Coding Fields: These Machina Coding Fields 'alter' data. Like the Memetic Coding Field, this one is simple yet super-useful. Dominic Coding Fields can only manipulate 'what any information is', not 'where' or 'why', or any other aspects concerning it. If something is 'facing left', they can 'alter' that fact into 'facing right', causing the Target attached to do so.

- Ballistic Coding Fields: These Machina Coding Fields 'propel' information. They are different from Memetic Coding Fields and Kinetic Coding Fields in that they can 'propel' Information from one Target into another. If Target A is 'wet' and Target B is 'on fire', Ballistic Coding Fields can 'propel' the 'state of being in wetness' into the Target with the 'state of being on fire', putting that fire out. Memetic Coding Fields 'transfer' data between each other, and Kinetic Coding Fields 'maneuver' the data directly with the Target in question still attached. With Memetic Coding Fields, data becomes a 'thought', and with Kinetic Coding Fields, data becomes a 'vehicle'.

- Death's-Head Construct: Created by Noetic Coding Fields and maneuvered by Kinetic Coding Fields into position. These Subjects are Supermassive Black Holes, true, but they're no ordinary Supermassive Black Holes. They were created from pure information (an entire Ira Bolt is needed to power up a Noetic Coding Field for this gigantic task) to have a specific design. Death's-Heads come with six small protrusions on opposing ends of their 'X, 'Y', and 'Z' Axes. These protrusions give Capta Bolts a place to latch on. Death's-Heads can be equipped with up to two 'moons', or up to three 'asteroid belts', and they are for 'control' and 'broadcast' purposes, in that order.

- The XvX-Superglutton works by organizing untold numbers of Death's-Heads into long sequences via Capta Bolts. The latter drain the former of their gravity, and depending on the design of each Death's-Head lattice, that gravity will be channeled towards the tip of each 'sequence' or into the Death-Angel Facility itself. Essentially, the Capta Bolts have turned gravity into a commodity. Gravity is a force that pulls matter together, and it tends to do so towards the center of objects. Because Emperor Vulcan and Empress Gaia have adopted the 'Graviton Theory', gravity in their Territory is caused by gravitons. As such, the XvX-Superglutton uses Death's-Head Constructs to generate a obscene amount of gravitons for its own purposes.

- What the XvX-Superglutton can do with gravity is plenty; it would be easier to list what it cannot do. It can use all sorts of Coding Fields to manipulate Gravity, for example. The XvX-Superglutton can transport the information (and by extension, the existence) of that Gravity into other Objects. It can employ Directed Gravitoplasma Weaponry like nobody's business. It doesn't use gravity to 'repulse' objects, but it can 'summon' gravity behind incoming projectiles, 'pulling' those away. It can generate two sources of gravity at two opposing points to rip something apart. It can bend space-time, as well as light. It can equip gravity to objects, seemingly their weight. It can cause foes to implode in on themselves, or simply devour enemies that stray too close, adding them into the mass of its Death's-Heads.

- If the flow of gravitons is directed into the Death-Angel Facility, the ship can perform the aforementioned Manipulation-Type abilities. But, when the flow of gravitons directed towards the tip of each DHL, the XvX-Superglutton can unleash a slough of Creation-Type Abilities.

- Do note that the Capta Bolt exploits Logic and Physics trying to right themselves. It siphons away gravity in the form of gravitons from Death's-Heads, but Physics does not agree with that act. Just as the current universe rejects Excell-Created Assets, reality itself attempts to return the gravitational status of a Death's-head Supermassive Black Hole to normal. It cannot get back the gravitons stolen away, since those are now utterly bound to a Capta Bolt. Reality can only return a Death's-Head to normal gravitational status. However, by doing so the, Resident Univere creates a new batch of gravitons for the Capta Bolt attached to a Death's-Head to whisk away. This process happens quickly, almost too fast to say it even happened, but the end result is that a single Capta Bolt can make off with super-transfinite amounts of gravity in a short sitting.

- This is where another one of the XvX-Superglutton's most unusual powers come into play. Normally, gravitons are massless, but this is where the Machina State starts to draw inspiration from the Arcana State. DHL Sequences can be used to 'weave' constructs of solidified Capta Bolt Energy, along with all the gravity said Capta Bolts might have gathered. To give 'mass' and 'weight' to gravity itself, as well as command how gravity works (from which direction it pulls, to where it pulls towards) is nothing but child's play to the XvX-Superglutton.

- Just like Machina Voltages, DHL Sequences are subject to rejection from the current universe. They are harder to maintain even in the Yggdrasil Galactic Trimvirate, where Ira Bolts can be held together b yEmperor Vulcan's will alone. As such, they must be constantly replaced. The Dominion Rings are responsible for their maintenance. All sorts of Machina Coding Fields are dedicated to creating Death's-Heads, maneuvering them into position, moving the DHL Sequences around, or ordering DHL tips to start building Capta Bolt Constructs. In turn, the Death-Angel Facility churns out Machina Voltage using a device that is linked to one of Emperor Vulcan's Excell-Enclosed Realities. The Dominion Rings and DHL Sequences constantly feed off these energies, which is why XvX-Superglutton's are never found without an active Voltage Haze.

- There is no system that supports life on an XvX-Superglutton. SHEATHES-Echelon Subjects do no show up in any STABS Colonies, and XvX-Supergluttons are never open for tourists to board. Since Machina State Subjects don't rely on oxygen, sleep or food, there are no formal living quarters on XvX-Supergluttons. Hangars and Barracks do store trillions upon trillions of attack craft and soldiers, but those aren't tenants so much as they are sentient weapons and office workers.

- The whole Death-Angel Facility is constantly 'electrified' by Capta Bolts, which means it too can contribute its own gravity.


- The XvX-Superglutton is understandably slow. Really, it's a miracle that it can even move at a maximum speed of 35 centimeters per hour. It certainly won't be winning any races, at least, not using its engines. The Dominion Rings must apply a volley of Kinetic and Dominic Coding Fields to the Death-Angel Facility, pushing it forward. Since the Dominion Rings are gravitationally-bound to the Death-Angel Facility, as are the DHL Sequences, they follow suit. But even then, this method of travel cannot breach the average city speed limit, much less the speed of light. There is simply too much weight being dragged along. To cover long distances, a more extraordinary method is required.

- As stated by the Imbued Macro-Quantum paragraph, Emperor Vulcan can cause his ships to behave like a Quantum Probability Wave until observed. Observed by whom, then? Observed by him. Emperor Vulcan can temporarily sever his senses from encompassing the XvX-Superglutton. The Dominion Rings are prompted to summon a sextet of Dominic Coding Fields that box in the XvX-Superglutton. The box and its contents then disappear without a trace. It doesn't matter who is watching; only Emperor Vulcan's observation is the only one that matters. He has a vague sense of which direction the Probability Wave is traveling in, how fast it's traveling, and how wide it is. But, until he decides to focus his attention on it, nothing can pinpoint where the XvX-Superglutton is. Even tracking devices are rendered useless, left behind by a Target that technically doesn't physically exist. When Emperor Vulcan does 'observe' his Subject once more, it reappears as instantly as it left. Emperor Vulcan must take care to time his 'observation' right, otherwise the XvX-Superglutton might overshoot or undershoot its destination. However, while it's on the move, so to speak, it can employ Quantum Tunneling to breach defenses or barriers, simply appearing past them without needing to challenge their strength. Not that it would lose that challenge anyway.

- Subjects within the XvX-Superglutton must navigate the Death-Angel Facility via Portals or Dominic Coding Fields, the latter of which can modify their locational information to send them where they want to go. That process just mention is as easy as simply changing the fact of 'Subject is in the Docking Bay' into the fact of 'Subject is now in the Engine Room'. Ship boarders can fall prey to this, instantly finding themselves within trash compacters as soon as they make contact. Again, the XvX-Superglutton cannot use Dominic Coding Fields to teleport itself due to its mass, and the complex relationship it has with its Dominion Rings and DHL Sequences.


- The Superglutton gets its name from the way it disposes of enemies. Without relying on anything more than its gravitational pull, which is non-existent until employed by Coding Fields or Directed Gravitoplasma Weaponry, the XvX-Superglutton has been known to slurp in enemy vessels for its Death's-Head Constructs to devour without ever needing to stop. Numbers, no matter how vast or unending, count for nothing against an XvX-Superglutton. Swarming tactics are not only disrupted, but encouraged; an XvX-Superglutton is happiest in the face of Factions whose gameplay consists of throwing lots of units at a Target. Attacking from long ranges is just as ineffective, as lasers and missiles alike are consumed like tidbits. Since gravity can warp time, the XvX-Superglutton can even be set to munch on events and phenomenon by working in tandem with Coding Fields. A whole empires-worth of elite Subjects have been wiped out just from this ship casually passing by.

- As mentioned earlier, gravity is the XvX-Superglutton's humble and versatile servant. Whether it's employed for brute force or surgical precision, the 'attractive' nature of gravity is limited only by Emperor Vulcan's imagination. Considering that Emperor Vulcan's imagination was responsible for the creation of the XvX-Superglutton, it is a vast imagination indeed.

- The ridiculous bulk of the XvX-Superglutton makes a fine bludgeon; being so much as clipped by the wing-like extensions at the Death-Angel Facility's sides (perchance via a Level-2 Kinetic Coding Field acting as a Grand Escutcheon) will reduce an entire Solar System to a fine dust. While ramming foes is not a viable tactic when the XvX-Superglutton is traveling in the form of a Quantum Probability Wave, the XvX-Superglutton can pose an even greater danger than blunt trauma when it does return to being. Were the XvX-Superglutton's mass to appear in the same space occupied by another object's mass, there are three possible scenarios. One: if that interaction occurs between a Monarch Subject and a unit from a Foreign Faction, Space-Time within Monarch Territory will unfailingly prioritize the XvX-Superglutton. In effect, the presence of the XvX-Superglutton will overpower the presence of the Foreign Target, causing the latter's existence to cease. Two: if that interaction occurs between Monarch Subjects of the same or allied State, the existences of both undergo a sort of harmony; neither will negate each other. In effect, both Machina Subjects' masses will exist within each other, as if they were phased; separating their masses will end that effect. Three: if that interaction occurs between Monarch Subjects of differing States during a War Games, Space-Time within Monarch Territory will prioritize both of them, fusing their masses together. The XvX-Superglutton's framework is equipped with all sorts of devices that will remove impurities, so chances are an opposing Monarch Subject will be destroyed.

- Frenetic Coding Field: One of Emperor Vulcan's assets that are disqualified to be considered STABS-Echelon. Frenetic Coding Fields are used only for War Games, and never see any action outside the Yggdrasil Galactic Triumvirate, as their usage could be considered a grave threat to peace. Even Empress Gaia and Empress Hecate get a little wary whenever Frenetic Coding Fields are called upon. Where Noetic Coding Fields 'convert' information into reality, and Colletic Coding Fields 'preserve' information perfectly, Frenetic Coding Fields 'agitate' information in ways that can be described (albeit grossly understated) as chaotic. Frenetic Coding Fields use Machina Code to rapidly and randomly change the 'facts' about whatever they contain, manipulating them in ways they should never have been manipulated with. This seems like a gimmicky procedure, and it totally is, but one must cannot ignore that data within a Frenetic Coding Field shifts nearly a transfinite amount of times within the blink of an eye. FCF's can theoretically contain 'anything', 'everything', 'something', and 'nothing', perhaps at the same time. Now, while Frenetic Coding Fields appear to be only good for confusing enemy scanning methods (and they are super effective in that regard) they have a much more dangerous side effect. When a Frenetic Coding Field is dismissed, this 'chaotic information' doesn't immediately 'go away'. It spreads out for an instant, completely devastating everything within the vicinity. This is the reason why both Empress Gaia and Empress Hecate regard Frenetic Coding Fields with a degree of nervousness, as well they should. It is extremely difficult, even for the most talented Oracle, to comprehend what exactly a Frenetic Coding Field will unleash, much less predict and prepare for it. Unlike most Machina Coding Fields, the Frenetic Coding Field cannot be activated as a Grand Escutcheon, as its purpose is purely offense-based.

- DHL tips are equipped with a combination of Zetetic, Dominic and Noetic Coding Field. These panels can take pure information, Capta Bolts, and the gravitons within those Capta Bolts and 'sketch' energy constructs into existence. These Capta Bolt Constructs have ranged from spears of solidified energy (launched in salvos of billions) or winding lengths of chains (these are designed to be gravitationally-attracted to each other; once they wrap around a Target, they exert a colossal pull on themselves, constricting rapidly and crushing the victim) all of which can be created and dismissed in the blink of an eye.

- Attack craft on board an XvX-Superglutton have ranged from the lowly RkR-Ardeoira Drone to the fabled ZvS-Coding Field Carrier.

- Directed Gravitoplasma Weapon: The same principles that apply to the Directed Chronoplasma Weapon and the Directed Locoplasma Weapon are applied to the DGW. Capta Bolt Energy containing gravity in the form of gravitons in expelled at a Target in a large, controlled stream. Anything caught by this stream is forced to adjust its gravitational status to that dictated by the DGW. If the amount is positive, the Target's gravity increases. If the amount is negative, it loses gravity. While DGW's cannot directly affect the chronological and locational status of a Target, the secondary effects of having a ton of gravity can come into play. This is evident when multiple DGW's are fired into the Supermassive Black Hole at the center of most galaxies, increasing its gravitational output by orders of magnitude, to the extend that space-time becomes so warped that every celestial object within reach is subjected to spaghettification.

- One of the XvX-Superglutton's most feared attacks is the Thymos Ouroboros. It is the weakest out of a large collection, with most of the others possessing a potency that reaches all the way up to multiverse-busting and beyond. For the Thymos Ouroboros, the Death-Angel Facility quadruples its output of Machina Voltages as its 'wings' spread outwards and forwards. The Dominion Rings begin to shift their position, maneuvering until they resemble an upside-down cone hovering above the Death-Angel Facility. The DHL Sequences merge into a trio of whip-like extensions, and their tips begin drawing a ring-like formation several times larger than the XvX-Superglutton itself. A blazing red halo soon forms, and it is made up of a hurricane of Gravitoplasma, Machina Coding Screens, various Machina Voltages, as well as Capta Bolt Constructs. A coating of Vora Bolts is then applied by the DHL Tips to the outer face of the 'halo', giving it a sort of serrated cutting edge. These Vora Bolts devour each other like snakes eating their own kind, with each grisly feast starting at a victim's tail. Now, conservation of energy would dictate that no free energy can be generated by such a stunt. Except, like all Machina Voltages, the Vora Bolt isn't ordinary energy. It obeys regular Physics no more than its Emperor does, without crossing over into the realm of True Magic. As the Vora Bolts chase and consume each other in an eternal, spinning dance, they gain power. As they gain power from feeding upon each other, the dance increases in its speed and intensity, breaching simple infinities before moving onto more complex infinities (the smallest infinity can be expressed as a line of dots that go on forever; a line of two dots going on forever would still be infinity, but it is a larger infinity than the latter) before one can begin to analyze the procedure going on. Then, the XvX-Superglutton launches the raging 'disk' using a complex array made of Vinca Bolts at Retrocausal Speeds. The Ouroboros Disk spins in both directions at the same time, its edge grinding into everything it touches, wrecking everything in its way. The Thymos Ouroboros will continue on its path without stopping until it hits the border of a Monarch Territory, whereupon making an exit the disk simply ceases to exist, as would everything else in the SHEATHES-10. But, until then, there is not a force in existence that can slow it down, much less halt it.

- The Death's-Head Constructs themselves can be used as missiles. DHL Sequences can be manipulated by Machina Coding Fields to whip themselves around, flinging Death's-Heads like beads of pure destruction. Having millions of solar masses, the ability to warp Space-Time, and being detached from their Capta Bolt captors, Death's-Heads thrown this way become rogue Supermassive Black Holes, and those are never fun to deal with. Emperor Vulcan can 'disown' Death's-Heads as well, turning them into regular Supermassive Black Holes, allowing them to exit his Territory without disappearing.

- There are rumors that Emperor Vulcan has fitted all XvX-Supergluttons with Shrink Rays from his 'mad scientist' years.


- As with attack, so it is with protection. Gravity can be directed by the XvX-Superglutton to block, deflect, detour or imprison any sources of danger aimed at it.

- In terms of shielding, Capta Bolts can be woven by DHL tips into a mesh of sorts. This Capta Bolt Construct can then be wrapped around the entire XvX-Superglutton in layers. Defensive Coding Fields, made to tile with each other into a form unlike plate mail, are placed between each Capta Bolt Fabric, but that's not all. In between each Coding Field Plating and Capta Bolt Frabic are interlocking discs of solidified Ira Bolts. The entire Shielding Array is maintained by the Dominion Rings and the Death-Angel Facility. Doubtless, the energy required to keep up this defense is outrageous, but that's where the Voltage Haze comes in handy.

- The armor of the XvX-Superglutton has been known to reach light-hours in certain places. Such space is not wasted. First, it helps maintain the structural integrity of this titan of a ship. Second, the Subjects the XvX-Superglutton tends to fight against are no pushovers either. Speedy Bahamut Worldfish would make short work of a slow, plodding XvX-Superglutton with their fin-mounted Scimitars were it not for the sheer thickness of the latter's shell. The materials of XvX-Superglutton armor are bolstered by Coding Fields and Machina Voltage Radiation, making them utterly, not merely virtually, impervious to both physical and metaphysical damage. Elemental energies will no more dent a XvX-Superglutton's hull than a volley of nuclear warheads. The actual composition of the XvX-Superglutton's armor is unknown, but it is a metal irradiated with all of sorts of Machina Voltages, including the Capta Bolt.

- Placata Clausuram Broadcast Device: An uncommon but supreme defense mechanism that can only be mounted on larger Subjects. The PCB Device is a direct homage to a Wolfsbane Protocol of the same name. When utilized, it generates a Area of Jurisdiction that instantly, continuously and absolutely transports anything not of the Machina State outside itself. It is a simple defense in concept, but its abilities cannot be bypassed, whether by light, matter, gravity, dimension, time, or magic, for all such things can and will be relocated outside the PBC Device's Area of Jurisdiction. Only their Machina State equivalent that exists as part of SHEATHES-10 Territory will remain, and those are under perfect control of the Monarchs. Psionic Abilities (like those belonging to the 'Bittercress Walker') which would normally work as long as the Psychic Mind knows where its Target is located, are not able to affect Subjects within the bounds of an activated PCB Device. Unorthodox methods of delivering ordnance (like Empress Hecate's various Blast Spells, many of which create an explosion within their Target) are also ineffective; the ordnance itself, its entry point, the event of its appearance, and its effects are simply booted out of the PCB Device's Area of Jurisdiction. Speed of delivery is rendered irrelevant; no matter how fast the explosion, for all sakes and purposes it happened outside the PCB Device's Area of Jurisdiction. The major downside to the Device is the ludicrous amounts of energy it needs to operate. For every 1.5 minutes of activation, it consumes 1 Ira Bolt. Considering how Ira Bolts are supposed to be an infinite source of energy for as long as they exist, that gives an idea of how expensive (and potent) PCB Devices are.

- Colletic Coding Field: Where defenses fail, the ability to recover can be the deciding factor between victory and defeat. Colletic Coding Fields use Machina Code not to 'make' things but to 'record' them. Once applied, a regular Colletic Coding Field 'scans' and then 'confirms' the 'information' of a Subject; this is its primary purpose. Then, it waits. From here, anything can everything can happen to the Subject in question. It can be blown to pieces, each fragment enchanted to never heal or resurrect, pounded into sub-atomic particles, of which every single one can be sent to various places and dimensions. Barring a dismissal from Emperor Vulcan, regardless of what has elapsed, when the Colletic Coding Field initiates its secondary purpose, the Subject is returned to its 'latest recorded situation'. In effect, Colletic Coding Fields are akin to a 'Saved Game', one that the user can return to if events take a turn for the worse. This is not Time Travel, despite the Colletic Coding Field reverting a Subject's State to one taken note of in the past. Certain places can prevent Time Travel within them, like Empress Hecate's Pantheon Temples; none can prevent the work of a Colletic Coding Field. If activated as a Grand Escutcheon, Colletic Coding Fields receive a drastic increase to their size, and they enable Emperor Vulcan to constantly 'lock' recorded information in place, preventing any changes from being made to it. Of course, how the Subject performs depends on the information about it that has been 'locked'. If its momentum is 'perma-locked', then it cannot move. Like all Grand Escutcheon, a Level-2 Colletic Coding Field can only exist within SHEATHES Territory. However, it is special in that applying it to non-SHEATHES Targets is just as easy. If used so, it becomes the bane for anything that changes on the fly. Anything from Polymorphic Code to Polymorphic Genetics will be stuck in a single phase, unable to adapt or manipulate itself. Colletic Coding Fields cannot be used in rapid succession on the same Subject outside the Yggdrasil Galactic Triumvirate; doing so 'corrupts' their 'data', and as Emperor Vulcan found out, 'corrupted data' can be even more harmful to his Subjects than an all-out assault from an enemy.

- Aesthetic Coding Fields are essentially the opposite of Noetic Coding Fields. They 'abstract' Information, turning something 'actual' into its Data equivalent. A 'biological missile' will become the 'idea' of a 'biological missile'. It is impossible for something to get past Aesthetic Coding Fields without aid from a Renaissance 'Villain'. Weaponized Gateways, like Empress Gaia's Wormhole Rifts, will be converted into data no harder than a catapulted boulder. Even Reality Warping itself simply becomes the 'idea' of Reality Warping, whether the source is a machine, and entity or an ability. When a Target becomes data, a Target becomes data. No matter which way one looks at it information is information; once converted by an Aesthetic Coding Field, only a Noetic Coding Field can reverse the process. Magics could technically return the information back to being an actuality, but that's only if the spell meant to rescue a Target isn't itself caught and converted by an Aesthetic Coding field as well. The same goes for even the most Cosmically-transcendent of attacks, the most 'certain' ways to kill, and even the most perfect Ability-Nullifying Powers.

- Hyletic Coding Fields 'extract' information from a Target. Much like Aesthetic Coding Fields, they are used to great effect against 'real' and/or 'corporeal' Targets, and their function serves to take a 'form' and produce an 'abstraction' of it. Whereas Aesthetic Coding Fields completely turn 'something real' into data, Hyletic Coding Fields take 'something real about something' and turn it into data, taking away the fact from that which it designates. For example, if a Target is 'big', a Hyletic Coding Field can 'extract' the fact that is is 'big'. The fact that the Target is 'big' has not been changed, but that same fact is no longer 'attached' to the Target. As such, Hyletic Coding Fields can put a damper on Targets with extreme or drastic parameters and/or descriptions. If an energy beam can cut through anything, a Hyletic Coding Field will simply remove that 'data' from it.

- Zetetic Coding Fields can analyze and provide information while sieving through any harmful effects. The gaze of a basilisk will simply be reported as the gaze of a basilisk.

- It is very common for multiple Retrocausality Devices to be mounted on the XvX-Superglutton. It uses the Imbued Macro-Quantum Asset exclusive to Emperor Vulcan, which by the way is an Asset his Authority guards fiercely, to grant a designated Target the trait of being unbound by the chronological order of 'Cause and Effect'. The mechanics of the Retrocausality Device is highly classified, and can only be activated in short bursts, but it is another layer of protection that bolsters the overall resilience of the XvX-Superglutton. In essence, Retrocausal Attacks can hit their Target before they have been fired, and Retrocausal Defenses intercept at attack before they have been employed. Restrocausality Devices can also be used using different designated events, allowing Retrocausal Attacks to always have hit before their Targets have defended or Restrocausal Defenses to always have blocked before their Targets have even considered attacking.

- Believe it or not, despite it's size and lack of raw speed the XvX-Superglutton is an adept at evasion. Just because it's large, doesn't mean it's easy to hit. Not only can it unleash an extreme Gravitational Time Dilation using torrential amounts of gravity that slow down instantaneous attacks to a crawl, it can also connect two points in space-time in the form of a wormhole. Attacks are sucked in and expelled somewhere else; their destination could be the opposite direction in which they had been traveling, or if Emperor Vulcan is feeling particularly cruel, foes make their exit within the heart of a Death's-Head Construct.


- The XvX-Superglutton is a hybrid of battleship, a siege weapon, and a command outpost. It can be deployed against fleets in the same way a vacuum cleaner can be deployed against bread crumbs on a carpet, but it can also sit back and pound fortifications into oblivion from a distance. Due to the nature of Machina Coding Fields, the gravity the XvX-Superglutton controls needs not be sent against a Target the same way projectiles are sent: it can simply 'summon', 'create', or 'teleport' gravity within the Target, bypassing shields and space-time defenses altogether. Were it not for Phoenix Sigils on Bahamut Worldfish, battles between them and XvX-Supergluttons would have been a lot more one-sided. As mentioned earlier, swarms do nothing against these Machina Vessels, so XvX-Supergluttons are a heavy counter to many of Empress Gaia's Subjects.

- Leader-Type Subjects may also gather within the Death-Angel Facility, using it as mobile headquarters with which to better coordinate their troops.

- In times of peace, only 14 XvX-Supergluttons may be found outside the War Games Arena in the Yggdrasil Galactic Triumvirate on any given occasion.

- If anything, the XvX-Superglutton is a deterrent Subject. Not so much anymore in War Game Sessions, where it was once a Capital Ship before losing that spot to newer and greater Subjects, but those who wish to invade the Yggdrasil Galactic Triumvirate often think twice after being introduced to it. Intruders have been defeated without the loss of a single life via an encounter with an XvX-Superglutton. While it's the Monarchs' penchant for benevolence that often cements peace, the terror of witnessing a ship of a flagrantly-excessive size often brutalizes one's 'fight or flight' response into dumfounded silence.


- Mandatory Emissary Note: It is tradition for 'Watchers' to document a variant of a Subject from it's Sibling-SHEATHES, if one exists. Despite their close bond, however, Sibling-SHEATHES are unable to exchange Subjects. Any Monarchs who have 'Lesser Numbers' risk dying from overexertion if attempting to accept a Subject from a 'Higher Number' Monarch. Any Monarchs who have 'Higher Numbers' are guaranteed to crush a Subject from a 'Lesser Number' Monarch in the 'grip' of their Authority. No exceptions. 'Higher Number' Monarchs cannot reinforce 'Lesser Number' Monarchs with Subjects. 'Lesser Number' Monarchs cannot evacuate Subjects into the SHEATHES of 'Higher Number' Monarchs. No 'Equal Numbers' exist for SHEATHES. All data contained herein applies to SHEATHES-10 and SHEATHES-700 only.

- SHEATHES-700's XtX-Hyperglutton works on the same principle, but that is all that's known. There are rumors that it has transcended the very aspect of Gravity itself, relying on an invented force to pull in and consume victims, of which multiverses are the smallest instance. It is also said that the XtX-Hyperglutton can work on abstracts and concepts, not merely limited to the physical realm, and that it is the very embodiment of Empress Boudicca's insatiable hunger for power and conflict.
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