Karakondjul Picture

Done with air-dry clay and painted with acrylic.

Karakondjul (Karakondzhul, Bulgarian: Караконджул) is mythological creature from the Bulgarian folklore, which has many descriptions and one of them says that he has one leg, big head, a horns and one eye.

According to some beliefs karakondjul lived only in the so-called Christians "dirty days" (from Christmas Eve to Epiphany). Therefore, January is called "karakondzhov" month.
Karakondjul lived in caves, rivers, deserted mills and places where growing ivy. According to some legends he could dwell in dark or hard to reach areas of the farm, like a Talasum(evil or less good invisible spirit, who lives in the dark and inaccessible parts of the house). He can lure passengers and sat them, throwing their victims by high cliffs and trees in deep pools, or tear them between water-mill rocks.
The creature attacked only night (to first cock), then suddenly disappeared. In many villages in Bulgaria is called simply "Kondjur (kondzhur)".
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