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Concept sketch for a new character! Iv'e had the idea for this betch in my head for a while. Dont know if this is her final design.
Edit: Silly me, how could i forget Vi's precious baby

Name: Virana

Virana was the next of kin to rule the underworld after her father, Zal. Her younger sister Naltia was just as power hungry as Virana was and wished to take her place. Naltia told Virana that their younger brother Kalis was planning to kill her and take her place. Virana, in turn, killed her brother. Naltia rushed to her father telling him of Virana's actions. Outraged, Zal confronted Virana and drained her of her immortality. It greatly scarred the right side of her face, shoulder, chest, and back. Her right wing and end of tail were completely torn to their bone. In addition, Zal banished her to the mortal world.
Naltia, the only remaining Heir, took her place. Virana realized that she had been tricked, and seeks the portal back to the underworld to kill her sister and take her place. she wears the skull of her brother on her on her shoulder and various bones of others.
(sounds right out of the old myths huh?)

Virana has no care for mortals and no remorse to what she does to them. If a mortal annoys her in anyway, she feels inclined to simply tear their very bones from their body. Or call upon to dead to tear them limb from limb. Extremely cold-hearted and cruel, she considers everyone else to be lower than her. Any man who even thinks of looking upon her in anyway she finds displeasing, She'll either break every bond in his body one by one, or give a snap and watch as her loyal Hell hound crawls from the pits of hell and use him as a chew toy.

Aeron, Thane, and Abaddon:

In the underword, two great hell demons guarded the underworld. Cerberus and her son, Hunderas. Each were three headed hell hounds. Not only did they serve as guardians to the gates of the underworld, they also served as watchfull protectors over The god of death, Zal's Children. Virana seemed to take a liking to Hunderas.
Though that was what he was called, each head had his own name; only fair right? Aeron has blood-red eyes. He is rather rash and hot-headed, Thinking violence always solves everything. Thane, with calm blue eyes is the 'dominant' of the three, usually in charge of making final decisions. Abaddon with light purple eyes always has a grin, but dont let it fool you he is a very protective guardian.
When Virana was banished to the mortal world, Aeron, Thane, and Abaddon still felt a moral obligation to watch over her. So they broke through the gates of the underworld and proceeded to follow and watch over Virana.
Cerberus, wishing to keep her son safe, granted him the power to mask himself from the humans, able to turn into a Belgian Shepard. Though in that form, only one of the three can have control at one time. You know who is in control by the color of their eyes. Often you will see the three yelling at each other within the one body.

Character/Art (c) ~Squidni

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