Life in New Kirk: A Bit of SciFi Picture

Darn these bots! Showing up in our pawn shops as if they owned the place!

I drew this in response to a new Transformers toy I bought some days ago, this was meant to be a joke but then I began pondering on the idea of adding some new mythology in this art series revolving this robot.

To canon or not to canon was the question and since I already have something paranormal going on behind the normality in this world I created, I wondered why not?

So here's the bot's extra-long bio:

Spy Model code R4V453/ "Cheeto"- R4V453 is, or was, a secret spy robot developed by the CIA to infiltrate enemy locations through the use of tactical AI. The head developer of this project, Thomas Takara, designed the robot based on a cat to assimilate their natural ability to prowl and stalk, as well as recognizing simple commands transmitted over a special head set, and learn from obstacles to further improve its performance.

Unknown to Thomas, an overseen glitch in the robot's system somehow gave it more sentience than what the CIA anticipated; the model began to think freely and question its purpose as a spy-bot. This development to the robot's mainframe, as impressive as it was for Thomas, didn't sat too well with his employers and suggested that Thomas should create another model that's more fitting for their use.

R4V453 later became a lab companion and test subject around Thomas' AI project, which was then already in full development in creating stronger and more obedient Spy-bot models. This growing success, however, got cut short when a foreign rebel group found the AI development department and bombed it. The documents were burned, hundreds were injured while some got killed off from the blast, and all bots were destroyed beyond repair.

All but one; R4V453 survived the bombing and tried to save as many lives as possible, including that of his own creator. But it instead found him among the many killed by the attack, a fact that was too much for the robot to handle that it's rational thinking was overwhelmed and it simply decided to stay behind and be destroyed by the fire.

When the incident was cleaned up, the agents found the robot had "died" in its default mode, that resembling a metallic block, and deemed it no longer functional, throwing it away as garbage. But unknown to them, again, the robot's main processor is still very much alive but was so badly damaged that it had to remain in this mode for three years, being sold from one shop to another as a "computer component", until he was purchased by a pair of roommates living in a small town in New Kirk, Ohio.

October Falls, a Fox Fur, and Lou, a human Filipino-American, mistakenly bought what they believed is a CPU for a computer that they needed to set up as a back-up device. But that one night Lou was researching about it, R4V453's self-healing process was finally done and it allowed it to change back to its natural form, much to the surprise of its new owners.

After explaining its lenghtly history to the two and accessed the internet to fully update itself, R4V453, or Cheeto as they call him now, is currently struggling to get used to the idea of living a quaint yet sometimes weird life as a "civilian", finding other means to exist along side with the common folk. And even though October is still skeptical of its presence in her household (Lou was rather, as a man-child, excited to finally have his own "living" Transformer), Cheeto is simply happy to find some people who accepted and took him in, even if they had try to keep it as a secret.

To mingle with the outside world, Cheeto uses a hologram cloaking that makes him look like a real cheetah, with Lou and October then forging a fake certificate documenting Cheeto as a legal exotic pet. Cheeto has yet to show the two (and a couple of their friends) its weaponized mode, something October is quite thankful for to say the least.

Cheeto's design (c) Takara Tomy/ Hasbro 
Life In New Kirk (c) 
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