The GRRREAT and POWERRRFUL Beryleon Picture

Due to the nature of this April Fools' I just had to post this lol. I know this fella's not a domestic cat and all, but since I'm dealing with kaiju I think a leonine beastie would make a much better choice for one that's got a feline fighting style.

Beryleon, my zodiacal Leo kaiju, is a facelift of the first lion-kaiju I made, who had to have a drastic makeover for the sake of the KK overhaul. The concept behind this kaiu was originally based on the Nemean Lion, obviously, but after giving it a second look, I came to grips with the fact that he did NOT come out the way I wanted him to, to say the least. Believe me when I say this: I HATED the original post that introduced him. I fucking, FUCKING HATED it. The design was bland, the drawing was crap, and the bio was a piece of utter shit that completely ripped off a certain little Disney movie. For the sake of KK and ~Inferno-Rodan's The Arena: Universal Clash, I decided to get rid of any and all mythology related to the original, and instead went with a less complicated design that suited his personality and battling style a whole lot better.
The GRRRRRREAT and POWERRRRRFUL Beryleon's name comes from beryl, a type of precious stone (one of the variants being better known as emerald, ironically), and "leon," which was originally Ancient Greek for "lion." Works much better than the original name, IMHO. When I worked on the original design I tried to make him look unique by giving him manticore-spikes on the tail, shoulder blades, and saber teeth, and another design gave him bronze scales, a true manticore's tail, and the flaming mane of his current design, though of the conventional orange and yellow colors rather than the current one's blue. Neither of these designs sat well with me, because he'd probably be unable to stand out when compared with the next kaiju in line or even King Freakin' Seesar for crying out loud. So for this version, I completely did away with the "generic sparkle-lion with shiny rocks in his ass," and instead converted him into a giant lion-shaped gemstone statue with a flaming mane. Most likely the fire-god idol of some ancient civilization or whatnot, but I'll probably get to that in later installments to KK.
There are two teams in Kaiju Klash's namesake community: the blue team, whose kaiju trainers are here because they need the monetary earnings to support their families, friends, and homes; and the red team, whose trainers seek the fame and glory on the battlefield. Beryleon, fittingly for his color, is part of the latter. I imagine that he and his trainer come here because they've been places and they wanted to find a way of exercising authority without pissing people off, and that's by becoming elite fighters. Beryleon isn't as powerful as Ketus, nor is he that much of a feral, stuck-up ass but he can come off as a snob at times and damn is his mane hot, in more ways than one lol. I did consider transferring the personal flaws that got me into trouble this winter to Beryleon at first but after careful consideration, and his admittance into the UCA, I decided he deserved better, so I gave Beryleon a personality more akin to MLP's Rarity though with a splash of the GREAT and POWERFUL Trixie and a pinch of Spoiled Brat because of the whole ancient idol thing and the fact that he plays a rather antagonistic role in the first book. Essentially, he is second in command to Ketus and a foil to him somewhat, because though he is rather arrogant and conceited, he does have a sense of honor that Ketus appears to lack, and has been known to help out his teammates in group battles though often at the cost of his good looks.

With regards to the first installment of KK, Beryleon is probably only going to have a supporting role, because he isn't introduced until the rest of KK is. However, I do plan to have him and his trainer, Phoenix Gray, as the main characters of the third installment, "Fire and Ice."
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